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Banned by Grayshift
Who banned you?: Grayshift
Byond Key: Chstens
Date of Ban: 24.09.2018
Specified Reason for Ban: Murdered the president for locking down the bridge. Don't murder people for completely innocuous things.
Ban Length: 3,5 days
What led to the ban? I had to take care of some IRL stuff, so I was AFKing in my captains quarters, when I get back, someone says over the radio they have claimed the bridge, the power was off, and the bridge was locked down. I used the teleporter to get to the bridge, and I saw someone moving around. I assumed the worst, so I pulled out my gun, which I had set to laser beforehand because I assumed I wouldn't use it unless I saw a changeling or something, and shot him, then beat him dead. 
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I saw someone acting extremely suspicious, assumed the worst, and jumped to conclusions. As for his president ID, I hadn't seen that one before, and assumed he'd made a custom one. In retrospect, I should've used stun. But it was dark, the bridge was locked down, and I was convinced he was an antagonist.
im real late and it sounds like this ban already expired

but for what its worth i think you were only doing what any captain should do when they see a random character fuckin around in the bridge after cutting the power and you did nothing wrong. stun and arrest would have been better but sometimes trying to be nice and non-lethal gets you killed, especially as a head of the station.

but thats okay, nobody's perfect, not you, not us

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