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Minor Escape Shuttle Cockpit has no air
For all old-design shuttles, the cockpit has no air at all in the escape shuttle.  This does not apply to Oshan's escape shuttle
I can confirm that I've experienced this with Cog1's shuttle. The rest of the shuttle was fine, and the cockpit didn't have any open windows to space, so it really confusing to experience.
Atmos in the escape shuttle (Oshan's aside) seems to be all-around fucky lately; in addition to the cockpit being vacuum, parts of the shuttle sometimes burst into flame (without typical round-end outside assistance) once it docks at Centcom.
That last bit sounds like a feature honestly.

But yeah, the only reason I didn't report it before was cause a couple people told me they already did and I guess it wasn't?
sounds like atmospherics is not being properly suspended upon shuttle dock

re: catching on fire - it's a deep bug with atmos airgroup copying and merging, nothing fixable without a lot of work
it happens to mining shuttles if you go back and forth a few times, it's entirely random chance
This bug is still around, and I'm quite certain that it's caused by the shuttle cockpit only counting as 1 full tile atmospherics-wise, causing the rest of the cockpit to technically be exposed to space.

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