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Security ban
Who banned you?: Unkown

Byond Key: Rycool. 

Date of Ban: August 25th/26th

Specified Reason for Ban: N/A

Ban Length: Supposed to be for a week but has gone on for longer.

What led to the ban?I overreacted as a sec officer or detective, don't remember which, and shot a guy point blank with the 40mm pod seeking shells over stealing my id and getting me stuck in the disposals system. In doing so I accidentally killed a geneticist as well. Basically was a total piece of shitcurity. 

Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I was told it was only supposed to be a week long ban but its been longer. I know what I did was wrong and owned up to it, everyone makes mistakes and this is one I wont ever be making again. Killing is reserved for antags, sec officers should just arrest people. I just want to try to be a better sec officer from now on and eventually work my trust level back up. 

Evasion Attempts: The mod forgot to implement it after a day and I was able to select detective or sec officer, but just to double check I selected sec officer and was able to join in as one, I let the mod know right away though and was a calm and collected officer for the round. so I guess that counts as an evasion attempt even though I didn't use another account to get around the sec ban.
When you were jobbanned, you were told you could just admin PM after a week to get it lifted (as we don't have timed jobbans as an out-of-the-box tool), but hey, this works as something to point at.

Adminhelp whenever you're next on and refer to this post and an admin should lift the jobban.

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