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Major Could not transform back into original appearance after transforming as changeling
Instead, I just regained my original name (sort of, my ID-name appearance mismatch became part of my actual name) and my appearance remained that of whoever else I'd taken the form of most recently.

Changeling (Maria Tamelin) kills and eats Shitty Bill
Changeling transforms into Shitty Bill, gaining his name and appearance
Changeling transforms back into Maria Tamelin. Her name becomes Maria Tamelin (As Morio Tomolin) and her appearance remains that of Shitty Bill's.

Decided to mark this as Major because being locked out of your actual original identity (the one you're best at impersonating for obvious reasons) absolutely sucks.
Yeah I experienced that. They really should get this fixed as it dissaproves RP in some ways.
I think this should be fixed.

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