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Trivial Font Settings No Longer Preserved
Change your font type and font size to something other the default, then close the game window and reopen it to discover you're back to the default and need to set it again. I've only noticed this in the past twelve hours or so; it seemed to still be saving my settings as of Tuesday.
Confirmed that the chat is no longer saving any settings. It does this via Internet Explorer cookies, but absolutely nothing has changed with that code in forever so I dunno why the sweet fuck it just up and decided to break now.
This should be fixed now. Please confirm. (Also, be sure to clear your byond + IE caches)
This does seem to be working again. Thanks! (What the heck changed?)
A while ago lummox changed some stuff with how browsers behave, such that they belong in their own "environment" now. The fix was simply adding a
to the cookie.

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