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Official Oshan FIX THIS SHIT Thread!
Maybe I am just stupid but the artlab terminal seems to be broken. The terminal starts disconnected and there is no /mnt/artlab after connecting to the mainframe.
The Syndicate trader bot's missing from the listening post - apparently he's still there but his sprite fails to display?
The kitchen was missing a microwave but now is not.
Failing to teleport from a hand tele portal results in getting dumped into empty z-level.
From which you can only escape using a port-as-sci locker.

EDIT: Please make that a feature.
The pathology research computer in Oshan Lab isn't connected to the manipulator. At all. Trying to use it gives you the message,
The Pathology Research flashes an assertive "NO CONNECTION" message. Looks like it wants a pathogen manipulator.
That's it.
It's just
it's just not set up.
Why though
G1 needs a cryo chamber
Using the engineers' unique PDA program removes everything but the Close button from the PDA, essentially bricking it.

Also, according to the power monitoring computer, there's two "Bridge" APCs.
The toxin's chamber when vented floods it with water, killing a potential burn. I suggest installing the water forcefield present in podbays and QM to let it vent.
The nuke op victory animation still shows a space station exploding. My immersion is RUINED.
A nuclear operative victory still shows a completely random space station explosion cutscene. In space.

ADMIN EDIT: You're super duper welcome to contribute a new animation.
Edit: What Infinite Monkeys posted, we both posted at the same time, anyway.
There seem to be no intercoms. Cyborgs need those to talk to departments on their internal radio channels.
On OSHAN there is no craft scuba suit option on the nano fabricator, only craft space suit.
Sparks from mining rocks make erebite explode immediately and char vaporize as soon as they are drilled.

Mordent Edit: Confirmed by mbc to be intentional below.
Engineering borg is basically incapable of helping with the engine at all.
(08-26-2018, 05:44 PM)sartorius Wrote: Sparks from mining rocks make erebite explode immediately and char vaporize as soon as they are drilled.

intentional, sparking rocks mean you are mining (and heating up) a hotspot location

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