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Pelican 2.0
Quote:Pelican Outpost – Historical Entry: “Ad Iustitia Per Astra”

Even beyond the boundaries of Earth, mankind perpetrates crime all the same, and prosecution requires more infrastructure when taking place among the stars. Originally a mere refueling port and miners' stop-off, Pelican Outpost (an offical adaptation of the informal title 'Pelican Rock' coined by its original occupants) has become a minor hub of NanoTrasen legal, economic and scientific presence at the outer fringes of corporate control.

[Image: oiK9hi5.png]

(new thread probably coming soon, image is slightly outdated)
Just some thoughts.

Captains bathroom is large and has nothing in it.

Medbay lobby is cramped.

Why 4 solitary cells?

Pathology is tiny and needs organization.

Sec podbay is gigantic.

Bar is missing tables in the middle and thus feels pushed to the side.

The escape cargo teleporter is in a weird spot.

Crew quarters looks very cramped and uncharistically blue.

What happened to normal station tiles? They murder someone?

Courtroom feels like someone tried to wedge it in a corner.

Robotics is nice and open. Maybe a bit too much.

Research and chemistry feel like they took too much lipocide.

AI is nice design. The charging stations are neat.

Hydro feels like a cramped maze with all of those trays.

Carpet room next to EVA feels empty and funky
  • Vending machines outside the bar stick out weirdly into the hallway. Recessed or in a corner are much better than along an edge.
  • EVA nowhere near an airlock is weird.
  • What's with the cargo pad near escape? Just seems out of place.
  • No real secondary routes from left to right side of station that don't involve having access to a random room. If cloning explodes (which it does a lot), good luck getting places. EDIT: oh, is that room next to tech storage public access?
Responses in order (zewaka thing)

- Executive bathroom.

- Yes

- Was going for a unique brig design. If it would be better to have two cells and a small gen-pop, that could... probably be done?

- Pathology's smallness is deliberate - the extent of said smallness could potentially be changed.

- Sec podbay seems big, but it's smaller than it seems.

- The bar layout was designed to face Hydro for a nice view of growing plants - could easily modify it to have the bottom table be in the center of the room instead of facing Hydroponics.

- Escape's lower arm also serves as a pod dock, hence the ability to send parts there.

- Crew Quarters is small, but there's another alternate one by Medbay.

- (Also partially the previous thing) The blue tiles were something just for the sake of flavor and having a slightly different style to the station.

- Courtroom's not super huge, but the layout is pretty conducive to "proper" trials.

- Not sure what exactly to do to Robotics, if anything.

- I could bump out the primary research area (artifact lab and central hall) one tile wider to the south if that'd help. why didn't I do this already gosh

- ia

- I like my trays dense, but that'd be easy to adjust.

- Carpet room is a jury sequestration area.

Responses in order (mordent thing)

- Could address the vendors alongside the change to zewaka's table issue, maybe

- shrug

- [see zewaka cargo pad answer]

- There are two full secondary routes if Cloning explodes that require exclusively maintenance access; one north through Disposals, and one south through the computer lab (the thing with the DWAINE gear, which is public access).
(08-20-2018, 05:06 PM)Kubius Wrote: [*]No directional windows in the entire map

[Image: nafLvF4.png]
(08-21-2018, 07:54 AM)John Warcrimes Wrote:
(08-20-2018, 05:06 PM)Kubius Wrote: [*]No directional windows in the entire map

[Image: nafLvF4.png]

edit: fixed, map image updating shortly
I took a looks through some of the departments that are important to me.

- I agree with Zewaka on the courtroom. I suppose it's fine that it's cramped, but I don't really like how it's just shoved in there.

- I don't think that the chapel should have a window to view the crematorium from the pews. Seems insensitive to those greiving.

- The medbay lobby is a bit too small. It doesn't need to be as big as Cogmap1's, but it looks pretty cramped.

- The operating theatre seems a bit too small for me, but that could just be my preference. I like there to be at least 2 tables and enough room that you can easily stand on a tile where you can use the "pick-up" verb without being able to touch every important item.
(08-21-2018, 05:14 PM)kyle2143 Wrote: - I don't think that the chapel should have a window to view the crematorium from the pews. Seems insensitive to those greiving.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
KUBIUS ADDED LORE FLAVOR TEXT ON FIRST POST since you didn't bump it yourself smile
Also any chance of a screenshot update if anything has changed that much since the last one? Excited to see!
This has an overly complex and difficult to navigate layout.
It's a lot more intuitive to navigate in person than it looks from an overhead view. With the way the corridors align, it's genuinely impossible to not get to Escape if you keep going east, and every single part of the station has an unmistakable layout.

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