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Add a old diagnosis kit for RP/to get scammed by pizani with.

Alright, so I really think the old medkit, while crappy and dated, isn't sufficiently crappy and dated, you still get a health analyzer, I'm suggesting replacing that health analyzer with a diagnosis box, containing the following items, this diagnosis box could also be added to Clarion/destiny to enhance RP, As making small talk with a doctor while you get diagnosed may be fun and interesting, each item here would take about 10-30 seconds to use and would have a 5% failure chance if used by someone without medical training, 10% if used by a clown, and 1% if used by someone with training:

* miniature ECG (Takes 15 seconds to set up, fails by either shocking the person setting it up or the patient:
shows a sinus rhythm if you're healthy.
5/10% chance of sinus rhythm with delta waves.
accelerated sinus rhythm with ST depression if you're in shock.
ST elevation if you have cardiac disease from eating burgers.
Atrial fibrillation if you're in cardiac failure.
ventricular fibrillation if you're in cardiac arrest.
sinus with Long QT if you're poisoned with to neurotoxic agents (Sarin, strychnine, neurotoxin, pancuronium bromide, etc)
and asystole if you’re dead.

* blood pressure cuff. Measures the same blood pressure as a health analyzer, fails by having the cuff pump attachment fly off and rocket around the room, like the strangelet loaf

* Stethoscope. Measures breathing, fails by stabbing the user in the ear with the earpiece:
would show regular breaths if you're healthy
Fast breaths if you have at least 20 oxygen damage or you're on drugs
Labored breathing if you have at least 40 oxygen damage
Rapid irregular breathing if you're in crit
Stridor if you're having a histamine reaction
Slow breathing if you're on certain drugs or you're sleeping
and loud spasms if you're poisoned with sarin.

* Ophthalmoscope. Examines eyes, fails by stabbing your patient in the eyes:
would show extremely dilated pupils if you've taken meth/crank in the last 10 minutes.
red eyes if you've taken pot in the last 10 minutes.
pinprick eyes if you've taken morphine or the like.
bloodshot, discolored pupils if you've welded without glasses.
and white, clouded pupils if you're blind.
along with some way to tell if you have cyber eyes.

* Otoscope.
For the ears, it would show a fluid-filled eardrum if you have the cold/the flu.
a burst eardrum if you have hearing troubles.
and severe ear canal occlusion if you're totally deaf.

* a blood test kit that detects the most common chems on the station, used by dripping a blood sample onto the test paper:
if it turns green the blood has deadly poison (cyanide, sarin, the like).
red for less deadly stuff like ether.
yellow for histamine.
blue for drugs.
and cyan for other.

* and a portable chest x-ray, detects shrapnel, implants and the like, doses the patient with 5 seconds of very minor radiation poisoning, fails by giving both the doctor and the patient 10 seconds of moderate rad poisoning.
instead of having a chance for failure when using these, i think that anyone without medical training should get a message about not being able to decipher what the readings mean. other than that, i really like all of these tools, and it seems like they'd fit in.
As the person who suggested the delta wave, I think it should either be slightly rarer or be made to actually do something besides look scary and abnormal.
Sounds like stuff that could be in the doctor's bag by default. To make them more practical they could give a short buff to treatment on use.

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