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CTF - Capture The Flag (SS13 Style)
everyone joins the round in a suicide bomb vest and everyone must capture the opposing teams flag three times the losers suicide vest goes off and the shuttle is then called you can make improvements on this idea if you must to make it pass on into the good idea bin because im not very good at making good ideas i just thought this would be cool on a goon server
"hey hey what if it was just Death Match"

bad plan
We already have a generic team shooter mode.

It's called Gang.
lets face facts thou gang sucks everyone hates it need a new gamemode in the lineup
You want a different game.

I personally recommend TF2.

This is not the game for a Capture the Flag mode.

Or other typical game modes you find in a shooter for that matter.

Also I like gang therefore not a fact.
The thing is, you can play CTF anytime in the game. Just get a bunch of people, set up some bases and establish what the flags are, and maybe some tasers if you want guns in and you've got yourself a game,

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