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Major Canisters not working without power
I just had a round on #2 where I late joined as traitor. The round had a power sink and power in Toxins was out. Well because the power was out it wasn't possible to fill plasma tanks using canisters and I later found out that even canisters that were made into canister bombs didn't work normally and couldn't be messed with. This seems like something pretty serious since Canisters for oxygen are used for repressurization, Engineering uses Canisters to function, and Toxins also requires canisters to work and could all be broken with no power.
Can confirm I have also experienced this bug. In my case I was in medbay using the o2 near the cryotanks

You are able to place a small tank into the canister and open the control panel. However you are unable to adjust pressure, open the release valve, or even eject your tank to go try somewhere else
Canisters inherit from obj/machinery for some reason. So they require power. That doesn't make sense logically, but it sorta does in terms of the object heirarchy with most of the atmospherics things needing power. Maybe if canisters were removed from the global machines list and override process. Or if they just had an internal power cell like meteor shield generators.
what the heck lolololol
On oshan, this seems only to apply to the canister in medbay for cryo. The canisters in toxins and engineering work fine.
Lmao so that's what causes this

e: should be fixed, repost if not

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