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Ghost drone updates
I was chatting with people in discord, and it seems like everyone has some horror story about ghost drones messing with them.  I love ghost drones and want them to stick around, but it seems to me that whenever I see them they are either a. beep booping and flipping around people (which I am 100% in support of, even if it is technically interaction) or b. running around walling off hallways and being a nuisance (which I am 0% in support of).
Currently, the first drone law states "Avoid interaction with any living or silicon lifeforms where possible, with the exception of other drones". I feel like this creates a loophole. So long as they are not interacting with the living, they can get away with quite a bit. For example, they might feel like they should seal up some breaches in a hellburn setup, ruining it in the process. They can do things like walling off plasma fires or kudzu to thwart traitors as well. 
I would suggest changing the first drone law to "1. Do not interfere with the living or their plans"
I think this is better because 1. It gets rid of that loophole and 2. Allows for small fun little things like boop beeping at people, being a crewmember's pet, or writing terrible poetry in crayon all over the station.

Also general ghost drone discussion thread.
Your new laws are perfect in my opinion.
I like these laws too. It'd also be great if the drone laws pop-up gave some more examples as what counts as interference, as a helpful heaping of clarification and preventive medicine.
Hrm. Perhaps

1. You may not interfere with the living or their plans. This means that you should not build or remove anything that would ruin someone else's work, even if it is evil! (e.g. you cannot build walls to stop a traitor's plasma fire)

2. Do not willingly damage the station. This includes acts like removing a wall to a restricted area, exposing a pressurized area to the vacuum of space, or smashing lights.

3. Maintain, repair, and improve the station, so long as doing so does not break the first two laws. This means that you can do things like repair hull breaches, repressurize exposed areas, clean, paint, or even build new and exciting rooms!
There was talk a while back of adding carpenter bees as achievement skins for ghost drones.
Doin this nao
Law 1 seems pretty vague about borgs and the AI, though.
Why bother about being vauge with "living beings" and all that when we can just tell them "DON'T FUCK WITH OTHER PLAYERS YOU ASSWIPE". Even on goon1 I don't think ghostdrones are the type to complain about 'muh immurshuns', so we can just ignore the fourth wall for the purposes of ghostdrone laws.
The new law is now

1. Do not hinder the freedom or actions of the living and other sillicons or attempt to intervene in their affairs.
ty have a nice day

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