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Vote for Tickets and Fines!
Hi folks, did you know that you can vote for tickets and fines on goonhub? It's true! Vote for tickets here and fines here!

In order to encourage people to vote and to play sec a bit more, I'm going to attempt to collate the highest rated tickets and fines for each month. There's a few days left for July, so vote for those. I'm going to cover June for this OP.

Top rated tickets for June 2018:

Philip Hooker ticketed for making a fool out of me by Listel Sheerfield
Noah Buttes ticketed for repeatedly shooting himself in the head without a licence by Honey Nutt
Angela Ziegler ticketed for Bible Farting in front of a man of authority. Shame. by Adam Nehaldo
Thinks stealing from the captain is fun! Imagine that! ticketed for Oh wow Im bad at tickets by Beth Stockholm
Jessica Clark ticketed for Bringing a geneticized monkey out of Medbay and making Security have to beat the monkey. by Drago Kitterson
The clown ticketed for almost dying in not funny way by Malcolm Mingle
the entire crew ticketed for that was the worst episode of judge judy I ever had to witness, thank you by Preston Suffolk
Hangry Hogan ticketed for For running through the flippin PTL laser like a doggone nincompoop. PS. This is Hangry Hogan. by Hangry Hogan

Top rated fines for June 2018

Guy Weeter fined for stating the obvious by Dr. Floorpills
Horatio Jiggles fined for Being dead illegally by Urist Paul
Sigmond Maynerd fined for Being a witch by having a body temp of -7 whilst still being alive. by Drago Kitterson
Emma Yorkshire fined for blood thirsty monkey genocide which did not stop after the first warning by Ol Fisher

Agree? Disagree? Too late now, I wrote 'em up already! If you want to influence this, you'd better get voting on tickets for July!
This is a good quality thread.
July is over! Get voting, I'll post the winners sometime tomorrow. July tickets go all the way back to the top of page 4! What a lot of tickets.
July had a lot of tickets and a lot more upvotes than June. For those that are interested, the tickets/fines are sorted so that the ones closer to the top generally got more votes when I was putting this together.

Top Rated Tickets for July 2018

revolutionaries ticketed for stop running into sec like enthusiastic dogs seeing the ocean for the first time by Honey Nutt
unknown ghost and any ghost accomplices ticketed for suspicion of conspiracy to commit mouseslaughter by Regular Human
Game Show Host ticketed for teleporting an officer of the law by Honey Nutt
Dr. Floorpills ticketed for making and serving eggrolls literally with the 5 second rule by Rusty Bottom
Dean David ticketed for Selling objects of non-black color in a black market. by Adrian Clarke
The whole crew ticketed for Not respecting the space war veterans by Alec Meyers
The a grody clown ticketed for The color of your clothing hurts my eyes. by Kohok Vonel
Tony Panini ticketed for Using Bro unironically by Beth Stockholm
Moosie Minimoose ticketed for Irresponsibly being hit by a segway. by Gregory Manslapper
Ticket Master ticketed for Not having a cancel button by Beth Stockholm
The bar ticketed for What is even going on here by Blackhole Moon
Dean David ticketed for getting my hopes up about land mines by Charles Ludwig
Walter Raub ticketed for Continuing to wear emergency equipment without an emergency present. by Martin Kiefer
Emma Yorkshire ticketed for Containing a mouse in a inhumanely small cage by Thomas Pratt
The Entire Crew ticketed for Awful. Just awful. Most of the station is depressurized and the cryo room has a giant hole infront of it. This is worse than the time you killed Jason and countless screaming Argonauts. Well done. by Digornio Pizzarelli
Dibb Bade the Diplomat ticketed for Being a terrible diplomat; suplexing everybody. We can't arrest him, he has diplomatic immunity! Fuck! by Digornio Pizzarelli
Skelebom ticketed for Stealing an escape pod, then stealing my heart and then exploding all over the cloner, and subsequently making a huge mess! Love you Clyde xoxo by Sugar Beeman
Jack Jackson ticketed for not singlehandedly killing the blob by Listel Sheerfield
Damien Huey ticketed for riding a cat without a licence by Listel Sheerfield
The chaplin ticketed for Creating infinite chainsaws, why. by Blackhole Moon
cluwne ticketed for being too many by Shaun King

Top Rated Fines for July 2018

Zark Jr. fined for the extermination of our redeemer the Mythical Cockroach, no worse sin can a man commit by Rusty Bottom
Walter Raub fined for taking out all of the lights, so he can show off how he can go invisible in the dark by Charlie Collins
Steven Bee fined for DANCING WITH A BEE. ERGO, HAVING FUN by Noah Buttes
Throrvardr Finvardrardson fined for using the clown to break into the braindead HoP's office so you could beat the shit out of him by Ol Fisher
Crime Clown fined for HAVING TOO MUCH FUN. ALSO EXISTING. by Noah Buttes
Some good tickets there.
this is a good thread +1
August is over! Go vote for tickets and fines now! I'll post the highest rated in a week's time.
Tickets and fines for August 2018.

Highest rated tickets for August 2018:

The Wizard ticketed for shaming the wizard federation by using mundane weapons from the armoury by Listel Sheerfield
Reset Naywalk ticketed for possessing a purple butt hat and not sharing it with me by Listel Sheerfield
Probably Scientist ticketed for canbombing the station when explicitly told not to by Listel Sheerfield
Probably Scientist ticketed for losing his butt while under pressure by Listel Sheerfield
Sov Exant ticketed for Wreckless Wheel Chair Driving without a permit by Dahan Masters
Oleg Deripaska ticketed for exploding in the shuttle on me by Listel Sheerfield
Myself ticketed for Not being robust enough to survive a pipebomb or no oxygen by Erasmus Klein
Angela Ziegler ticketed for spacebullying a mouse by Listel Sheerfield
maurice ticketed for playing us like a damn fiddle by Kazuhira Miller
I don't expect you simple wrench monkies to understand, but your damned contraptions are slowin' down the damn server, jerks! ticketed for Uh, Mechanics. by Flip Judge
Regular Human ticketed for refusing to do drugs with the cool kids by Listel Sheerfield
Security ticketed for Stop ramming me with your damn sub!! Jesus!!!! by Preston Suffolk
Horse Horsington ticketed for Claims to be a sea horse, is actually a ling. by Blaska Ellestrom
Jane Morgan ticketed for Insulting my monkey heritage by Beth Stockholm
Dan Dannyson ticketed for labelling people is not okay by Maurice Hendelshoe
Alice Lemmings ticketed for reducing Medbay morale with poor fashion choices by Lup Twosuns
whoever welded the shuttle doors ticketed for shame on you by Hangry Hogan
Gabriel Mercury ticketed for Tricking me into eating delicious but deadly cakes by Cerris Grayson
Cerris Grayson ticketed for Not giving someone kuru properly by Erasmus Klein
Jace Rosensteel ticketed for Setting out a beatiful spread of chips and dip, then packing them up again and leaving the bar before anyone can have a taste by Cerris Grayson
Urist Paul ticketed for dismembering a monkey and not eating the juiciest parts by Listel Sheerfield

Highest rated fines for August 2018:

Griffin Merbhy fined for Tore out his own skull to evade arrest. by John Johnson
James Stanford fined for Touching the thing full of knives. by Kennedy King
Reset Naywalk fined for Attempting to kill me with an assault brick. by Listel Sheerfield
Salami Sam fined for looting the armory and arming a monkey with a rifle by Rusty Bottom
Chalk Gurnny fined for Ordering me to stop farting. I WILL NEVER STOP by Mr. Grizzwold
September is over! Vote now, I'll post the results in a week!
Not many votes for September, so this list is shorter than the last couple of months!

Top Rated Tickets for September 2018

Antonio Finlay ticketed for Stinging more prematurely than a freshman ling on prom night by Alec Summy
Chefticketed for Making his adorable rat assistant into pizza. THATS HORRIBLE YOU MONST... actually this shit is delicious by Adrian Clarke
Flip Judge ticketed for coming back to life after being killed by Listel Sheerfield
the janitor ticketed for NOT EXISTING by Lev Flaurous
Jack Taylor ticketed for pushing a vending machine on me and lighting me on fire, killing me by Listel Sheerfield
Rusty Bottom ticketed for Being such a convincing fake wizard that a wrestle clown tried to suplex him by Peter Connolly
Emma Yorkshire ticketed for criming after a heartfelt promise to not commit future crimes by Listel Sheerfield
Romayne Hunter ticketed for somehow managing to get themselves put into their own port-a-puke by Listel Sheerfield
Romayne Hunterticketed for incredibly poor treason by Listel Sheerfield

Top Rated Fines for September 2018

Thet Raytor fined for flooding my whole entire damn office with tomato juice by Charlie Collins
Bryce Richter fined for Illegal Clown-based Teleportation, Invasion of Private Property, Breaking And Entering, Breaking And Exiting, Clowning Around Without A Permit by Dr. Singh
Father Relaxe fined for Making a shitty Rick and Morty joke by John Smith

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