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Vote for Tickets and Fines!
Oh whoops, I played Smash Bros all day yesterday and now I have to work a 12 hour shift. I'll post the winners tomorrow, the 9th.
Top rated tickets for November 2018

tiny living detective figure ticketed for not solving any tiny toy crimes while i was observing by Honey Nutt
Zach Dandy ticketed for leaping out the disposal chute and doing me a proper frighten by Honey Nutt
Gabriel Mercury ticketed for missuse of the public electric chair by Rusty Bottom
Leg ticketed for For kicking me by Nolan Stone
That hovering loaf ticketed for Scaring the fuck out of me by Fab Houlous
Gabriel Mercury ticketed for telling me i have bad genes when a simple visual assessment would tell you that by Honey Nutt
Unknown Mime ticketed for drawing dozens of pictures of bees when that effort could have gone towards making one GIANT picture of a bee by Honey Nutt
James Paxton ticketed for lying about free donuts, there were NO FREE DONUTS by Listel Sheerfield
unassuming security officer ticketed for ejecting their awesome cartridge, so I can write THEM tickets HEH by John Johnson
James Paxton ticketed for filling the station with paper planes. You are a wonderful artist, but this is ILLEGAL by Listel Sheerfield
Tod Sodly ticketed for proposing to light toxins on fire and then not actually doing it, the coward by Listel Sheerfield
Smunky! ticketed for Asking the AI to play Despacito by Fab Houlous
Sol Nerds ticketed for Attempting to do a solarium run on my watch by Honey Nutt
whoever left these pipe bombs lying around ticketed for littering by Honey Nutt
Judas Iscariot ticketed for Convincing monkeys to kill themselves with a russian revolver by Merol Musip
crime ticketed for being a constant source of criminal occurances by Regular Human
Flavia Iulla ticketed for invading my office, which is fine normally.. but without WEARING PANTS which is absolutely not by Listel Sheerfield
puddle of charcoal ticketed for not being contained within a grill by Dr. Floorpills
Lev Flaurous ticketed for not checking himself before messing himself by Listel Sheerfield

Top rated fines for November 2018

Alec Ryan fined for Debating philosophy while being eaten. by Dean David
Flavia Iulla fined for Stealing the e-gun without offering it to me as a bribe first for kidnapping the captain. by Listel Sheerfield
Grandma Yorkshire fined for Feeding me super hairgrownium when I liked my mustache already by Dr. Floorpills
Jeffery Jefferson fined for Turning into a WIZARD! by Ion Storm
Jeremy Stewart fined for Dying, whilst continuing to bleed out, all over the goddamn floor, and not fucking responding to me. by Shawn Callaghan
Matt Vegas fined for Being on fire without good reason by Dalton Fischer
Some Guy fined for Shoving people into disposals, yet somehow not killing them. by Listel Sheerfield
Awkward Dryad fined for saying 'ecks dee' aloud, twice by Mercy O`Fogg
(12-09-2018, 09:23 AM)locusts Wrote: CLOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNnn ticketed for NOT THIS FUCKEN SHIT AGAIN, CHRIST! by Flip Judge

Still proud of this one.
(12-09-2018, 03:28 PM)Technature Wrote:
(12-09-2018, 09:23 AM)locusts Wrote: CLOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNnn ticketed for NOT THIS FUCKEN SHIT AGAIN, CHRIST! by Flip Judge

Still proud of this one.

Same, but it really needs the overflowing text to capture my full rage.

[Image: fzWDnnh.png]
(12-13-2018, 07:36 PM)Space_Cola Wrote:
(12-09-2018, 03:28 PM)Technature Wrote:
(12-09-2018, 09:23 AM)locusts Wrote: CLOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNnn ticketed for NOT THIS FUCKEN SHIT AGAIN, CHRIST! by Flip Judge

Still proud of this one.

Same, but it really needs the overflowing text to capture my full rage.

[Image: fzWDnnh.png]

Really proud of this one.
December is over and so is 2018! Vote for some tickets and some fines!
Top rated tickets for December 2018

Dzheyms Vitze ticketed for Farting so much that it can be classified as a bioweapon. by Joseph Taggart
Mercy O'Fogg ticketed for Doing meth in front of the captain and not sharing by Captain Sugar Beeman
Jeffery Jefferson ticketed for having your heart turn into a bee that you cannot look after becase your heart turned into a bee, killing you by Honey Nutt
Tod Sodly ticketed for not cleaning the station fast enough and leaving paper airplanes to rot in the morgue by Listel Sheerfield
Raphael Ally ticketed for not believing in sharkbay before witnessing it by Listel Sheerfield
Kaden Mens ticketed for being covered in monkey blood and smelling of murder by Listel Sheerfield
Bruce Feufer ticketed for being a cluwne by Listel Sheerfield
who tf this captain thinks he IS ticketed for locking himself on the bridge and doing GOD knows what by Sugar Beeman
Xelkath Zerikile ticketed for attempting to murder me in my office with an explosive minisub by Listel Sheerfield
Jeffery Jefferson ticketed for talking about pissing into a bottle on the public radio, literally the moment i arrived on the station by Honey Nutt
Bruce Feufer ticketed for cluwning around like a nerd by Listel Sheerfield
Bruce Feufer [145.9] says, "i'm willing to pay top dollar for the assassination of all monkeys on board" ticketed for criminal by Sugar Beeman
Hatred Rage ticketed for Blowing himself up, leaving the job of cleaning the mess to some poor sap like me, Fab Houlous by Fab Houlous
Satan Alliman ticketed for Getting shot by a CLOWN by Sugar Beeman
The Wizard ticketed for not appreciating gold stars by Selphine Rughzenhaide
Bartender ticketed for Serving ketchup and compost. What is this a budget farm brewery? by Blackhole Moon
X-Drone ticketed for not filling out proper job application paperwork, destroying everything by Honey Nutt
Tooty ticketed for continuing to wrestle me for reasons that are still not adequately explained by Honey Nutt
Grandma Yorkshire ticketed for For illegally marrying the Captain against his will. by Boris Bubbleton
Santa ticketed for Not leaving any presents under the Spacemas Tree by Nora Tarm
unlawful posession of an energy gun ticketed for FUCK by Roman Lawhon
Listel Sheerfield ticketed for This is a ticket redeemable for one free clown. by Sugar Beeman
Camilla Graves ticketed for Shooting herself with her railgun arms by Camilla Graves

Top rated fines for December 2018

Ludwig L Ludwig, Esq. fined for Injecting the Hippity HoPpity with phliggity Phloggity by Sugar Beeman
Shawn Callaghan fined for Cleaning up all the puke in the bar. by Listel Sheerfield
Grandma Yorkshire fined for Captain tax by Sugar Beeman
Jeannie Sideiron fined for Making a reverse monkey crusher without a licence. by Listel Sheerfield
Medivh Camreon fined for Serving Highly Combustible drinks by William Mcsplosion
Fab Houlous fined for We should indeed lynch the janitor, and the funds will help pay for a new one by Blackhole Moon
Anderson Cressman fined for Deploying an X-Drone right on top of my desk. In my office. Rude. by Listel Sheerfield
Hi pals, nearly the end of the month! You should take a good old look at the tickets page and vote some I reckon.
I'm doing this tomorrow so get your votes in if you haven't done so already!
Top rated tickets and fines for January 2019

Oar Dehrv ticketed for delimbing everyone with a katana except for me. I sense severe discrimination. by Listel Sheerfield
Shawn Callaghan ticketed for Stealing the captain's corpse from the funeral to parade his corpse around on the buffermatic like a macabre mardi gras float.  by Dean David
Honko Bluwnes ticketed for murdering Shawn Callaghan after stuffing them into a box and calling them the AI. by Listel Sheerfield
butterfly ticketed for Acts of terrorism and attempted murder of rescue team Theta. by Casey Spark
Daniella Robinson ticketed for Fingerprints located on a sewage pill mislabeled as "Omnizine" by Casey Spark
Klaus ticketed for Spending time on the slot machine instead of resuming patrol duties. by Casey Spark
Sybil Braun ticketed for literally compromising the AI while I was standing right there. In front of them. by Listel Sheerfield
spell man ticketed for Killing my botanist in cold blood while he was in the middle of making me synth butts by Sugar Beeman
Porter Bailey ticketed for Standing in the sitting only room by Sugar Beeman
Grandma ticketed for The chance of an accident during self-surgery increases with age! by Sugar Beeman
Clown ticketed for not being abused enough, failing to meet his quota by Bunman #13023
medbay ticketed for making buttbots using robobutts. we're better than this, use real butts by Mercy O`Fogg
werewolf ticketed for traveling at high speeds in a bee school zone by Lindsay Pinney
Back-ally Doctor ticketed for I ordered a doctor, not a pizza by Tweed
T-science nerds ticketed for You know who you are and what you did by Blackhole Moon
Loretto Buttersworth ticketed for ordering exactly 37 monkeys and filling QM with them without permission by Listel Sheerfield
Harry Johnson ticketed for not making me any pancakes despite saying that they were going to make pancakes by Listel Sheerfield
Clown ticketed for Laying down some tear jerking harmonica work, i'm actually crying by Mark Noir
the crew ticketed for surviving by Bryce Richter
effery Jefferson ticketed for Enabling Kristopher's monkeys addiction\ by Sugar Beeman
Water, water everywhere ticketed for Seriously, were in SPACE, why is there SO MUCH WATER by Fab Houlous
Vish Ace ticketed for Going 43 times the running speed limit by Fab Houlous
That fucking clown ticketed for Going even faster than Vish, i cant even see his fucking name by Fab Houlous
Old Man Jenkins ticketed for Providing poor housing for his fists by Bunman #13023
Everett Donkin ticketed for human freezing without a permit by Anya Fields
The kitchen ticketed for Having a population of monkeys great enough to consider a country by Fab Houlous
Vending Machine outside Medbay ticketed for Stealing my goddamn credits. You goddamn piece of shit. Gimmie my damn Dr. Pubber. by Shawn Callaghan
Boris Bubbleton ticketed for Faking health issues to invoke emotional trauma in a security officer by Casey Spark
Buck Klin ticketed for Mispronouncing coworker's name, causing emotional damage. by Casey Spark

Top rated fines for January 2019

Jeffery Jefferson fined for Filling the goddamn hall with meat and blood. by Angela Ziegler
Selena Merryman fined for Attempting to out-trade me in a capitalist exchange, but unaware that I can secretly deduct all of their money gained through fines. by Listel Sheerfield
oger Miles fined for rESISTING THE 8BALL'S HOLY WILL by Roger Miles
Horse Horsington fined for Not wearing his Horse Mask. Cover your ugly mug appropriately. by Boris Bubbleton
Mike Hodge fined for Not being Swedish by Boris Bubbleton
Boris Bubbleton fined for Being Swedish. by Judge Ledger
Pagliacci fined for repeated attempts to cook clownface mclunksky by Clownface Mclunksky
Angela Ziegler fined for Wasting my valuable time by asking for help, and then refusing to actually get back into the fucking station. by Shawn Callaghan
Jake Turnbuckle fined for Dying on NT company time by Shawn Callaghan
It's March! Vote for tickets or I will hunt you down.
the freeman
Hey I know I'm pretty late with this but there is not a lot of votes and a lot of tickets. I really do need you guys to vote on these!

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