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Whoops Thread: Share your Ingame Mistakes
As a mall cop I accidentally threw a semi-innocent out an airlock.

A more fun mistake was letting a first time player to any SS13 server perform surgery on me.

It was a LONG 30 minutes
Due to terribly misreading the wiki page for the singularity engine, ignoring my more knowledgeable engineer's words, and being annoyed that the emitters didn't seem to be shooting through the glass, I built them in line with the barrier. I then turned them on, and the field whilst I was inside it, and was instantly consumed by the singularity.

On Oshan, I attempted to stack together a lot of hotspots and ended up killing myself and Cassandra (in the ocean) with a quadruple hotspot.

As a Syndie on Cog a while ago, I bought a detomax and stuck it in a PDA I stole, confused 'Bomb' and 'Missile' and promptly blew my leg off, and shortly after died.

Hotwired the engine and proceeded to immediately vaporise myself on a door.
On Ass Day I was playing on RP 1 as engineer. I don't know shit about engineering. I put plasma in every slot, fired up the furnace, opened some loops and hoped for the best. 20 minutes later the blast doors were melted, half the station was consumed in blue plasma and the rest had oxygen so hot it put you in crit if you went within viewing distance of it. This was on Destiny. The worst part is that I almost accidentally did it again the next round but I shut off the engine before it got out of hand... then the captain turned it back on and the blast doors re-melted
I misclicked and sleepy penned myself with royal initrobeedril instead of someone else frown
One time I got walled into Toxins on Cog 1 by someone and I wasn't properly paying attention to what I was doing and accidentally open a fuel tank to fill from a canister that was kind of filled with fire and burn mix.

Next thing I knew there was probably a 5x5 to 7x7 hole in Toxin Storage and I was nothing but gibs.

I've also numerous amounts of times forgotten a gas mask while making dangerous chemicals and died or nearly died to it.
One time I heated up a fuel tank full of fluorosulphuric acid reagents and instantly died. Then I became Santa.

Another time i stumbled into someone's loafer in maint. Then i became Santa.
One time i picked tourist instead of clown while late joining. I jumped into disposals and played D:OS2big grinE instead.
I missed 3 ass days in a row
I smoked compost as a mediborg, because I misread on wiki that it can heal people. As it turns out it does quite the opposite, it gives toxin damage to humans. Works fine on plants though.
(09-14-2018, 02:41 AM)Wisecrack34 Wrote: I missed 3 ass days in a row
once as traitor I was wandering around with my surplus crate loot, forgot my cigs were tricks, lit one up and subsequently exploded.

luckily the captain was nearby and dragged me to a med vendor to heal me up as I pretended to be more wounded than I was. as he was distracted healing me I jumped to my feet and dropped a moustache grenade on him
One RP round I just finished agreeing with someone that life is treated too loosely, and called the shuttle.  I announced that I was going to blow up the ship and didn't want casualties, so everyone needed to fuck off, which they did.

I threw a couple of pipe bombs, and started playing with the riot launcher loaded with grenades.  I promptly accidentally shot George when he was standing right next to me and blew my arm off.  Ow
Yesterday I mindslaved the captain as he was in Research, brought him to surgery and implanted a pipebomb with orders to gather a crowd and then fart for maximum casualties. I didnt want to totally ruin his round so tried to take him to cloning for when the deed was done. Went to grab him for the scanner, but he blocked the move since he was in that intent. Tried again and then everything exploded since it apparently counted as an attack to his chest that set the bomb off. Short round but at least I destroyed cloning?
surplus crates: may contain oc bibles hidden under emags, refrain from farting while standing on pile of traitorous goods

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