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Popecrunch - Lame and round-ruining badminnery
Admin name: Popecrunch
Server: LLJK2
Date/Time: Over the past few days, 18/07/2018 onwards
Synopsis: Getting pretty frustrating having to wait until popecrunch logs off to be able to play properly. The last few rounds I've played every person was omnitraitor, or there was some kind of explosion wave rocking the station to the point where he had to force restart (Actually the admin was hidden this time so I don't know if that was him, someone can probably clear that up). It's not fun. It's just getting in the way and comes off as "Look what I can do!"
I'm OK with half the station being blown up as much as the next guy, but "This next round will be short don't worry" doesn't make me look forward to playing at all.
Short version: Mea culpa, I've been overdoing it lately and will slow down.

Long version: Okay THIS TIME these two things were neither the same round nor even like, subsequent rounds. The first one was a clear fuckup on my part, I realized it the instant I clicked, and spent a couple minutes frantically pounding on the loop control buttons I barely understand in order to try and unfuck it before tokening the antags and restarting.

The second round was a gimmick round I set up as an object lesson in 'why you don't beg for things in OOC' - a guy hollered in OOC that he wanted me to make him a traitor, so I set the round to extended, told people not to use tokens that round (there's probably a toggle for that, come to think of it), made that guy a hardmode traitor, and omnitraitored everyone else with the single goal to murder that dude. I expected it to last five minutes before we would return to the regularly scheduled fuckery.

Instead, it lasted a little longer than that (though not to the time I'd previously set aside as 'gonna force an end via shuttle call or restart if this goes too long', which I feared might happen) and resulted in the single most glorious death I have personally witnessed, to the point where I'm thinking of lobbying for the rewording of the 'die a glorious death' objective because ain't nobody touching that.

Two Machos, after they realized that they had cornered their quarry, simultaneously grabbed him and started that spin-them-around-before-throwing-them thing. I was observing the guy, and my screen went ballistic - he kept teleporting around and teleporting from one macho to the next and whatnot - and the resulting death when both machos threw the same guy in two different directions was simply astounding. As near as I could reconstruct from witnessing this debacle, the sheer force of two machos grabbing and spinning the dude pulled a second version of him in from a neighboring universe and murdered them both - and for a moment, among the gore dripping off every surface, there were TWO GHOSTS, one at each of the impact points from Schrodinger's SS13 Player, and there were TWO GHOSTS until he moved.

Turns out two machos can mess you up to the point where your immortal soul gets torn in half, and doesn't correct until one of you tries to move, thus collapsing the waveform.

But yeah, I've been going overboard lately, I'll rein it in. Thanks for letting me know! Have a great day.

edit to add: basically everybody in OOC thought that round was amazing, but yeah, I need to keep in mind that there's probably a decent number of folks who don't appreciate it and they might not necessarily call that out in OOC, so shit like that should definitely be more of a Sometimes Food than I've been doin' it lately.
Thanks for the detailed response, feel free to lock this or case-closed it or whatever it is you guys do here. See you on LLJK2.
Locking up Popecrunch. Case Closed!

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