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Allow sec cameras to use the old ai camera system
The security camera interface garbage. It's a giant list of cameras, and everytime you choose one it auto scrolls itself back to the bottom of the list

Allow the ability to navigate through the cameras like the old ai system where you just press your directional keys to rapidly move between them.

Leave the window to allow for viewing of helmet cams and portable cameras since they obviously move and can leave the z level


Do it.

It would make security cameras actually usable.
Yes, I 100% agree with this change. In their current state, security camera consoles are infinitely less useful than the camera monitor, which is both portable and has a usable interface. I also like the idea of a Sec Officer having the option to provide support to other officers from Security by monitoring the cameras.
It's perfectly sovulent idea that embiggens the experience.
Yes very much. The old camera hopping method was a pain to deal with as an AI, but for security cameras it's awkwardness works perfectly while being more user friendly
I was under the impression that this was already a planned feature because it is such a nessesary and sensible upgrade.

So yes good idea.
yes i support this

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