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Get Dat Fukken Disk 3: The end of a trilogy!
I think back on my time when I was alive and try to figure out which of the dead officers was most robust. Once I find them, I compliment them for their skill and challenge them to a ghostly fistfight, for old time's sake.
You take your wires and place them around the shuttle at random.
This is good.

Superlagg (1)
The AI is in a single spot, surrounded by windows.  Even without this, it has no real way of moving itself.
Despite this, you lost it.

You have a conversation with the ghosts, giving congrats to a particular officer for being good.
Good sportsmanship can be heard all around.

Blitzen (4)
You feel the last of your consciousness slip away, forever.
Upon detecting your lack of life signs, your Microbomb explodes, leaving a large hole in robotics.

All Nuke Ops have been killed.  Because the Nuclear Device is not active, the game is over.

Number of times the word "You" has been used to start a characters turn:132
Things that were more ambitious with their crossovers than this forum game:None
Number of times Superlagg broke the game:4
Number of times Superlagg broke the writer:2
Number of times Operative 69 died:3
Number of times Blitzen was happy with what his crew did:0
Amount of clown abuse:Not nearly enough.
What a game.
Most excellent. Thanks for running, Technature.
I say "('u'[[)>" in OOC
how did all four of you do this for nearly two months

Dedication and a serious lack of things to do.
this was a good game and really did feel like the end of a trilogy by the end of it.
the longer it went on the more it felt like a wink wink nudge nudge christmas special epilogue.
god i really hope they stop filming seasons of Survivor soon.
When does the new season start?
when someone hates themselves enough to devise a campaign they want to dm with a bunch of gassy morons on

Can we take a moment of silence for #69 in all his forms

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