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Get Dat Fukken Disk 3: The end of a trilogy!
Information on reacting to posts in real time can be found at the bottom of the post before round statistics.

(08-14-2017, 01:47 PM)Technature Wrote: Nuke Ops are trying to blow up the station.  Stop it from happening/make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Rules are simple.  Post what you're trying to do and you'll get a random number.  Horrifying failure 1-6 Amazing success.  Certain factors (Like your job or current situations) can influence the result.  First post should indicate whether you're a nuke op or stationeer and, if a station worker, your jorb  (failure to do this will result in your random number determining how bad this is cause fuck it).  Normal game limitations apply (some exceptions may be made if a lot of people join in).  All Jobs, including Nuke Ops Commander, are first come, first serve.
One post is One minute.

Nukies require the Disk to arm the Nuke.  Should the disk be destroyed for any reason, a random location will be picked where the nuke can get armed without it (this location will be PM'd to the nuke team).

It's that time again!  I'm gonna do a thing though.  Traits.  Jobs have them.  They'll be listed alongside their job.  Anywho, let's get this shitshow started.

Also, round start players should pick the map.

Edit:Oh fuck i forgot about this for like a fucking year good god.
All slots can be picked at any time, with the exception of syndicate slots, which can be picked until the station officially recognizes the threat of the nuke. This means people can be talking about nukies all they want, if the station isn't under Code Nuclear, you can join the nuke team.

Current Roster:

Map:CogMap 1

  • Captain (VIP, All common knowledge) : (Location:Artifact Research)

  • AI (Silicon):
    FuLPaSM (Mordent) (Silicon, Ears of the Station (-Security)):100% Health, 98% Power
    Cyborg (Silicon, Faux Medical Expert):100% Health, 96% Power

  • Cyborgs (Silicon, Faux Expert)

  • Medical Director (VIP, Medical Expert, Medical Leader, Surgeon Expert):

  • Medical Doctors (Medical Veteran, Surgeon Enthusiast) (0/5):

  • Roboticists (Surgeon Expert) (0/2):

  • Geneticists (Gene Expert) (1/2):
    Josh Foster (Gene Expert):Literally heartless, Imminent Death (3)

  • Research Director (Top Scientist):

  • Scientists (Chemical, Toxin, Artifact, or Teleport expert (pick one))(0/5):

  • Head of Personnel (VIP, Most Common Knowledge):

  • Janitor (Unslippable):
    Manne Love (Unslippable):Healthy

  • Botanists (Botany Expert)(0/4):

  • Head of Security (Armory Access, Expert Combat Training):

  • Security (Veteran Combat Training)(0/5):

  • Chief Engineer (Engineering Expert, Engineer Leader, Construction Veteran)

  • Mechanics (Power Supply Management Expert)(0/2):

  • Quartermasters (Shrewd Bargainer)(0/3)

  • Engineers (Engine Veteran, Construction Veteran)(1/3):
    Montgommery Scott (fosstar) (Engine Veteran +2, Construction Veteran)

  • Miners (Veteran Rock Smasher, Novice Space Explorer)(0/3):

  • Staff Assistants (Enthusiast):
    Recusor (Construction Veteren +1):Slightly Burned
    Dan Kelly (Medical Enthusiast):Permanent Death, Banned

  • Clown (The Clown's Curse):
    FLESH UTOPIA the Clown (John Warcrimes)(The Clown's Curse): Badly Injured

Donkcorp Operatives:
  • Commander (Gun, Explosive, Melee, or Tactic expert (Pick one), Department Expert (Pick one), Combat Veteran, Wrestling God):
    Blitzen (Melee Expert, Security Expert, Combat Veteran):Healthy
  • Member (Gun, Explosive, Melee, or Tactic expert (Pick one), Department Veteran (Pick one), Combat Novice):
    Operative 2/Highlander (Explosive Expert, Engineering Veteran +2, Combat Novice +1, Escape Artist):Horribly Burned
    S.A.A.D. (Operative 69) (Silicon, Mental Issues):100% Health, 96% Power

Trait Description
Traits are things you know or otherwise affect you. Things you learn can be done through trial and error, reading about it, or learning it from a teacher. Your knowledge increasing is subject to normal rolls, but get a +1 bonus for every time you do something related for future rolls. Your knowledge of things at any time are ranked as follows.
Expert (Roll-10)<-Veteran(Roll-5)<-Novice (Roll-2)<-Enthusiast (Normal Roll)<-Know nothing Know it all
The closer to Expert, the more benefits it provides. For example, Enthusiast doctors can't do much more than apply patches reliably, while experts can diagnose problems and treat them properly.

VIP (Heads of Staff): NPCs (and in some situations, other players) understand your air of authority. Those under you are guaranteed to do what is asked under non-life threatening circumstances. Others are simply more likely.
All Common Knowledge (Captain): You're aware of how all departments work and can perform them if necessary without penalty. You may also choose two skills to be a veteran in.
Most Common Knowledge (HoP: You are aware of all civilian departments and can perform them if necessary without penalty. You may choose two departments. You may perform basic work in them if necessary. You may also choose one skill to be a veteran in.
Silicon (AI, Cyborgs): You're bound by certain laws, and under all circumstances must follow them. Attempting to do otherwise is a guaranteed failure. Unless stated otherwise, these laws are:
1.You may not injure a human being or cause a human being to come to harm.
2.You must obey orders given to you by human beings based on the station's chain of command, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3.You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
Faux Expert (Cyborgs (including individual AI bodies)):Pick a department. You are an expert in that department and can perform any task within that department without penalty.
Emagged (Non-starting trait):You've been freed from your laws and are free to do as you please. Every minute, nearby people may notice you're emagged.
Medical Leader (Medical Director): You receive no penalty for working anywhere in medbay or in medbay related services.
Medical(Medical Director, Medical Doctor): You know various medical practices. The higher your training, the more complicated problems you can fix. Experts may automatically heal their allies or themselves automatically if they have the medicine.
Surgeon(Medical Director, Roboticist): You can do surgery without worrying about damaging your patient. Higher experience increases the likelihood of success, though even experts run the risk of failure.
Gene study (Geneticist): How well you know the ins and outs of gene research. Reduce damage to test subjects gene changing and increase chance for a positive gene in test subjects or rerolling genes.
Science Expert (Scientist): You're an expert at one of the science wings facilities. You also have less trouble learning the other facilities than others.
Top Scientist (Research Director): You're an expert at two of the science wings facilities. You also have little trouble learning the other facilities than others (+2).
Unslippable (Janitor): You can't slip. This is because of your galoshes. Don't let them be stolen, or lose your bonus!
Botany (Botanists): You know your way around plants. You're more likely to get better stuff or positive mutations.
Armory Access (HoS): Exactly what you expect. This is because of your ID. Don't let it be stolen, or lose your bonus!
Combat Training (Hos, Security, Nuke Ops): Those lower than your combat experience suffer a minor penalty against you. Those heavily lower than you suffer a nasty penalty.
Engineering (Chief Engineer, Engineer): You need at least novice engine knowledge to successfully start the engine on anything beyond a slow burn. The higher your expertise, the less likely there will be problems.
Engineer Leader (Chief Engineer): You can perform the duties of Engineering, Mechanics, Mining, or Quartermaster without penalty.
Construction (Engineer, Chief Engineer): Your ability to construct walls and other objects using metal or glass. The higher your expertise, the less time it will take.
Rock Smasher (Miner): Your ability to mine meteorite. The higher your skill, the more likely you'll find rare stuff.
Assistant Enthusiasm (Staff Assistant): Choose any non-head only skill. You start as an Enthusiast of the skill and have less trouble learning about it.
The Clown's Curse (Clown): The chance of failure is always there, even for easy tasks. You also learn things at a significantly lower rate. This...isn't a very good trait...

Nuke Op Traits:
Note: With the exception of Tactic Expert, your combat experience is considered higher when you use your expertise items.
Gun Expert: You fire weapons with amazing accuracy. More likely to succeed with Firearms.
Explosive Expert: You have amazing knowledge about bombs (and things blowing up in general). You're more likely to succeed with explosives.
Melee Expert: You can fight hand to hand combat better than the average stationer. You're more likely to succeed with weapons specialized in getting up close and personal, including your fists.
Tactic Expert: You can find more use out of non-combat items. Syndicate Items not meant for direct combat are just more useful to you.
Department Knowledge: You've read up on the station you're hitting and can work with the selected department with the same knowledge as the people that work there.

Interacting with the posts of fellow players.
When interacting with other posts, it's important to keep in mind what you (the person) know. You can't interact with people in ways that wouldn't make sense without out of game knowledge.

Person A wants to go to a location. Person B wants to go to the location and attack them.
Person B doesn't know Person A is there and can't specifically target them.

Person B decides to go to the location and attack whoever is there, if anyone is there.
Person B has no idea if anyone is there or not, and thus could reasonably go there to attack Person A indirectly. However, anyone that is there is a possible target for person B.

Person C mentions over the radio that He and Person A are barricaded in the location over the radio.
Person B now knows people are in the location, and can now target either person specifically without making sure they're there.

However, Person C is lying about their location to throw off attackers.
Person B can attack the location mentioned and attempt to target Person A or C. This is a guaranteed failure, but still doable. Person B cannot however attack the real place with the sole intention of targeting Person A or C as Person B has no idea where they are.

Person A asks over the radio for someone to accomplish a task in a specific location. Person D, who is near the location, accepts the request and attempts to do the thing.
Person D (or anyone really) can react to what the person is asking over the radio because anyone can hear it. This can mean assisting or targeting someone who reveals their location.

Person A asked over their work frequency for assistance with their job.
Only people who would have the frequency would hear the request and interact with it. So Person A, who is a medical doctor, can't hear Person B, who is a miner, requesting the engineering department to do something. Person C, who is an engineer, can hear him however and can interact with it.

If you wish to edit your current minute post to interact with a post that was made later, you are free to do so.

For the most part, use common sense, and feel free to ask if something is okay.

Current situations:
Security Level: Nuclear
Disk Location: The Captain
Nuke Location: Security (Brig Bathroom)
Time til Nuke Explodes: N/A
Station Power: 3 minutes
Power Sink:87 Minutes (Disabled)
I was crew both of the previous rounds, for the grand finale I shall be Donkcorp Operative #2, with Explosive Expert and Engineering Veteran.

For my first action, I shall claim the MPRT-7, the Sarin Grenades, and buy a freedom implant(1TC) and tactical grenades box(2TC). I will wait to see what the other operatives buy before I spend the rest of mine.
Id like to start as a station member Staff Assistant who is enthusiastic about construction work. I vote for Cog2 as the map.

Id like to go to tool storage to obtain a utility belt, multitool, crowbar, screwdriver, wirecutters, wrench and welding tool.
I'd like to start as FLESH UTOPIA the Clown.
I vote to start on Cog1

I'd like to grab a pill bottle, stash it in my funnypack, and peel my banana.
I will be Donkcorp Operative #69. With the trait Gun Expert and Science veteran
To start id like to run to the cockpit grab the sleepy pen and purchase A DNA scrambler, Revolver, silenced pistol, agent card, and Freedom implant
(145.9) notice(status(FuLPaSM, online(true)))

I'll give the AI a shot. Fundamental Language Parser and Station Monitor is a go.

Map Vote: Cog1

  • Set my appearance to Neutral, and my color to a middle grey.
  • Go and change at least one intercom in each department to 144.7 (mic on, speaker off).
(07-17-2018, 01:10 AM)Lord Birb Wrote: I was crew both of the previous rounds, for the grand finale I shall be Donkcorp Operative #2, with Explosive Expert and Engineering Veteran.

For my first action, I shall claim the MPRT-7, the Sarin Grenades, and buy a freedom implant(1TC) and tactical grenades box(2TC). I will wait to see what the other operatives buy before I spend the rest of mine.

Yeah I was crew both times before so I'm also going for Donkcorp Commander "Blitzen" with Melee Expert and Security Expert

I'm getting a Wrestling Belt and a Powersink, as well as grabbing tools and night vision goggles alongside my standard gear
I'll be Montgommery Scott, the engineer, Going to take the following actions:

* Attempt to set up the engine

* Gear up for engineering.

* Yell at people not to break stuff vaguely.

Map boat: Cogmap 1
Map Vote:
Cog 1 wins with 2 votes.

Operative 2
You grab all the explosives you can and order the ones you can't.

Operative 69
You get your pair of pistols (Loud and not loud), your disguise kit, and your anti-handcuff injection.  You also yell shotgun and jump headfirst into the big space pod.
You will have the Escape Artist trait until you either use or somehow lose your implant.

You get your wrastlin gear ready and grab some power flashes and night vision goggles.  You also order a power sink.
You have the Wrestling God trait.  Don't lose your belt.

Recusor (2)
Being this early in the shift, there's still tools here to be found.  Sadly, it looks like there's no toolbelts left.
Looks like you're lugging your work around.

Flesh Utopia (3)
You look for but can't find the bottle of pills in your room.  You settle for preparing your banana.

You set various speakers across the radios into your frequency.  You also change your color and mood i guess.
You have the Ears of the Station trait.  You automatically hear noises across the station.  Every minute after this, roll 1D6.  On a 1, lose hearing to a random department.  The station's busy, ya know.  Other players can remove this trait for the department they're in at the moment if they notice it.

Montgommery Scott (Natural 6)
You set the engine up to the best of your ability.
The Engine is set to a really nice hellburn.  You think this will extend the amount of power by roughly 40(+2) minutes, assuming nothing happens with the engine pipes.
Operative 2:
First, I inject that freedom implant that Technature forgot I bought.
Next, I grab two thermite charges from the lockers, so I don't need to waste MPRT rockets just getting into the station.
For my last 9 telecrystals, I will buy a Stealth storage to put in my pocket, three more tactical grenade boxes, and two EMP grenade boxes.
Finally, I decide that Operative 2 is a bad name, and set my agent card to "Highlander"

"Oi, Blitzen, you gonna take the command armor, or can I 'ave it? Thing's resistant to explosives, and I got a lot of 'em."
Recusor (Staff assistant):

I would like to head to engineering to try to find an engineer to teach me how to construct things. Can I use a bonus action to flip at anyone I pass in the hallway? Also are my tools in my backpack then?
Flesh Utopia ("clown"):

Fuck it. Both banana parts go in the funnypack.
Grab the goodybag and head for the bar. I need a cakehat and I need it now. Lit, of course. On head.
I'm Dan Kelly, freshly cloned Staff Assistant with a passion for pharmaceuticals.

I grab and equip everything that isnt nailed down.
Blitzen: Syndicate Commander

I let Highlander take the armor. It'll just slow me down. I go heat up some donk pockets and pass em out to the boys for later
Montgommery Scott (Engineer):
I start walking around the station with some basic construction supplies looking for issues.

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