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An option to scan someone in the Genetics Pod
Be dead.
Go to clone.
Get an activator for a gene you have on the computer.
Realize it doesn't work.

Why not add an option to scan the person in the pod and update their genes?  Makes dying a little less shit, as long as you demand the AI scan you have someone who can help.
Yeah, it should still work if you get in the pod and have the geneticist check your genes in the Potential tab, since that would directly check the genes of the body in the pod. Being able to just update the genes in the gene samples would be really convenient for early round deaths and that sort of thing, though.
I would think that your genes shouldn't be change, since you're literally being cloned. Would that be possible to implement.
I think it's that you, as a person, are being cloned. It's using whatever biomatter is available to look like you, so it's you, just made of different stuff.

Think the difference between a house of red bricks and a house of crimson bricks I guess?

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