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Mechanics/signal/computer nerdery sharing thread: Post your inventions
If this thread feels too revealing of secrets please delete it and let me know, however i feel mechanics is a amazing thing and i think sharing tips and tricks for it would be cool, so i'll start:

Stationwide chat:
Wifi component: Forward all, filter netid, freq: 1149. > signal splitter: trigger: message > signal builder: starting string: "command=text_message&message=" ending string: "&sender_name=Stationwide Chat" > Wifi component: freq 1149

Loafer: Control Unit: OEN 0;
STO 0;
B00000000000080 > 5 printers + flusher, put on trunk, create pipeloop with loafer and hook a tee up to that trunk, the loafer should look like this:

L = loafer
T = pipe tee
U = Trunk
P = pipe
  P P P
TU    L
  P P P

Gravitron Trap: Pressure plate in the middle of the halls > 5 gravitrons and a crate aiming at that pressure plate. Yup, that simple

Anyway, what are your tricks in mechanics/signals/computer nerdery?
Successful loafing comes down to revolutions. It's pretty easy to set up a counter (numbers in public release) that automatically spits out whatever loaf you want. Doing it this way (quality over quantity) also tends to cause less loaf-hate and more loaf-love.

My favorite machine by far is the monster farm. The basic mechanic is using a teleporter to receive on bad coords - this causes a few different effects, but the relevant one is critter spawning.

Everything about that process can be automated and set up on an industrial scale, with several telepads autoreceiving at the same time while the rest of the machine pushes the spawned critters to telepads which port the critters wherever you want. If you make one of these, do mind syndicate agents; they make fun.
Link to related threads:
I made Prisoner's Dilemma with Tony Holmes/Crystalwarrior a while ago

wrote this control unit script to go along with it:
forgive my horrendous commenting, past me was terrible at that
(07-13-2018, 02:55 PM)fosstar Wrote: Link to related threads:
Wew. I was goin' through a real 'special' phase at that time. Nowadays I'm less 'vita', more 'atroll'.  butt

Interesting infobite: I never did relearn how to use the CU properly. Pretty sure my brain grabbed onto a misconception and never let go, as my brain loves to be an asshole.
It has been a dream of mine to summon the shuttle using TermOS on a laptop, but afaik, it cannot be done without some ludicrous MechCom contraption to back it up.

And, just to contribute, my highest achievement in MechCom was creating voice-directed pay-4-use teleporters, where the cash could be collected remotely... that didn't quite work.

Ya see, I just connected a microphone and a cash-component directly to a teleporters 'name' and 'activate' inputs respectively, and placed some named 'end' teleporters to receive the cargo/person.
"But Grim" you might say, "Wouldn't you need a filter for the microphone input, so that the teleporter doesn't get set to whatever random phrase was uttered in close proximity?". "Yes, it should have." would I reply, "But I couldn't be arsed to set that up, especially not one that could be remotely updated to include new destinations." No, I spend my time trying to fool-proof the cash-collection.

You see, in order to make money on this venture, the money stored in the cash-component would need to be retrieved. This can be done in one of 2 ways: You can walk up to it, input the 'secure code' and make the casher drop the money on the floor. But wandering around picking up small sums of cash is dangerous, and tedious.
But you can also set up another components output to activate the drop, and then you only have to input the secure code once during setup (or could you send it along as the output, it forget it's been a while).

So I had wired a WiFi component to the cash-component, which could be activated via a radio-signal sent via TermOS. The cash would drop on another teleporter pad (also activated by the WiFi component), which sent all the cash to my collection teleporter, in the Mechanic's room.
"But Grim" you might be coerced to say, by an odd narrative in a post, "Wouldn't it be really easy to sabotage the setup, by removing or disabling that teleporter?". And you would be correct.

It also took me about 5 minutes to set up each of these up, which doesn't sound very long, but in order for teleporters to be usefull, you need at least 3, and then they need to not get blown up.

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