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Awfulworldkid Mentor App 3: Electric Boogaloo
When you asked if I thought you'd make a good mentor, I answered based on my interactions with you in Discord and the sentiment you expressed that you knew what you'd done wrong in the past, on account of the fact that I'd only played with you occasionally on RP1 in recent times.
I can't say I was expecting for you to then post your application within the hour, nor for the response from people who've played with you more to be so negative. I know that in Discord you seemed reasonable enough, and I don't know if how you play today is different from how people remember you, but I can say it may have better behoved you to have left the application a bit longer and gotten more feedback first.

Attitudes can be hard to change, and even when they have changed it still takes time for people's opinions to change by the virtue of your actions. Don't take this as an indication that you can't change for the better; take it as an indication that you still have further to go.
When I see the name Chance Ironmonger, I've noticed I try to walk the other way.

I mention it because that's not the case with most Robust or "Robust" players- because usually the interaction is gonna be fun, manageable, escalating in a reasonable way, or at least comprehensible. But I don't get the same gut feeling with Chance. I see Chance, I know it's 'cause i'm getting my shit kicked in, and no amount of "Hello friend, welcome to my workspace" is going to dissuade the powerplay. I'm going to be in Losebreath before I finish my greeting.

It's a valid playstyle, but it's hardly a community-fostering playstyle.

Soft and quiet 'no thanks though' from me.
(07-12-2018, 04:07 AM)Haine Wrote: Here is the log:
Quote:Chance Ironmonger (Awfulworldkid): Notably, he hasn't mentorhelped ONCE in the last 8 or so hours

Chance Ironmonger (Awfulworldkid): protip: MENTORHELP THE THINGS YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO KNOW
Rob Oson: Dude
Rob Oson: Protip
Rob Oson: DOnt be a jerk

This is terrible, awful behaviour.

There is no way I, as a new player, would like to stick around if this is the kind of behaviour I got from a player, let alone a mentor.

I would liken your understanding of the role of a mentor to that of an EMT who thinks his job is to run over injured people with the ambulance.

Frogsiren NO Frogsiren
"(I maintain that some of them deserved it, especially the captain that removed access on his own ID to go be a roboticist and made it entirely harder than it should have been to call the shuttle)"

Even if this was meant as a joke, this is in very, VERY poor taste to make, seeing as it shows you do not think you were in the wrong in acting the way you did, which you truly were, I would not trust you to be one of the people answering questions for new players that join our server as part of our mentor team.

No from me.
I had never actually read the full logs of the original account until now. Those are pretty bad.

This app is a clear denial but let me list the things you need to think about and improve on:

-Next time I recommend apologising for what happened last time and discuss how you have improved since then.
-Give a clear reason for why you actually want to be a mentor
-Perhaps improve your ingame behaviour. While it's not a requirement of being a mentor, not getting banned or an abundance of notes definitely helps.
-Also improving relations with players would help.

You may have the knowledge but we expect a certain level of responsibility as well as patience and humility.
Try again in a month or so.

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