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Asteroid RP map, working title Pelican
[Image: Vw6eiCs.png]
Small-mid size map designed with the RP server in mind.


  • Extensive intercoms, including a dedicated radio room attached to the Bridge ala Cog1
  • Cryogenic storage unit with nearby crowbar and medical kit
  • Emergency pod fabricator on the arrival shuttle; creates small unmodifiable and unarmed pods with a limited life span, permitting you to escape the shuttle in the event the arrival hall has been damaged
  • Relaxing mute-blue hallways for improved work ethic
  • Elegant yet utilitarian bridge with full bar service and an executive bathroom for the Captain
  • Public computer lab with DWAINE access and assorted computer bits plus unbuilt computers on data terminals - Tech Storage is adjacent and holds the more sensitive hardware
  • Segmented Medbay with both places you'd want to yell at someone in visible from the hallway
  • Advanced Brig design with inbuilt food vending, sinks (yes there are drains), cell overlook for the Head of Security, and easy visitation for cells 3 and 4
  • Fully-appointed jury chambers, with deliberation shutters on the public doors controllable by Security
  • Robotics is extra sketchy and located in a different place than Medbay to ensure both means of revival are not disabled by one bomb (the Morgue is equipped with a chute to send corpses there)
  • Water coolers present at regular intervals
  • Custom-built Toxins and TEG, both verified to be workable
  • Sauna room, heatable by both the TEG and Toxins
Name suggestions welcome.

Also how are you staging this map with all the pipes already colorfun
Personally, I'm not a fan of robotics being separate from medbay, especially on a RP map. It's pretty isolating and prevents some fun interactions.

Additionally, it looks like no one will ever visit QM, given how out of the way it is.

AI robot shells probably shouldn't be out in the open. 

Are the asteroid walls the breakable kind? If they are, that makes it kinda easy to vent certain areas, but also allows player creativity for nooks and dens and all that.

In general, though, there isn't a lot of leisure space besides the area in/near crew quarters. You might want a few more spots with tables and chairs and nice decorations?

Additionally, one issue I have with this map is the usage of space. For example - why are the morgue and monkeypen so big when medbay itself feels so cramped? And I understand that the asteroid walls are there because it's built in an asteroid (and if they're breakable, they allow player constructions), but they seem to just add to the size without really adding any flavor.
i got lost just looking at this
(07-11-2018, 04:55 PM)Wire Wrote: i got lost just looking at this
welp looks like this one is a dud?
I dont think you can call a map a dud without playtest tbh.
I'd be interested in seeing it firsthand, knowing from your previous mapping that you're pretty good with flow and glasswork. Just because the overview looks busy doesnt mean its innavigable.

Are you planning to host it soonish ?
don't really get why so many large avenues are maint. as far as i can tell, scientists and a number of other roles simply wouldnt be able to reach the sauna and robotics, for instance.

also agree with flourish on the robotics thing, since i like being a robotics nerd myself. in contrast, look at destiny, where its quite central to the rest of medbay so you can solicit convince ask people receiving treatment if they'd like to become a monstrosity and lose their humanity get a cool robo-eye
(07-11-2018, 07:55 PM)cyberTripping Wrote: as far as i can tell, scientists and a number of other roles simply wouldnt be able to reach the sauna

Scientists can definitely reach the sauna using the door from Chemistry, so there's that at least.

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