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Super Smash Brothers Shit Post related title.
I think it's obvious who the next smash character that's going to be announced is going to be.

[Image: prepare_for_justice_by_fustran-d82n7ni.png]

About Beepsky:
Beepsky is a rather unique character in that he doesn't have much of a moveset.  What he lacks in variety, however, he more than makes up for in durability and inability to actually be hit.

+Beepsky is practically unhittable!
Due to his hilariously tiny size, it's near impossible to actually hit beepsky.  Projectiles go over him, punches rarely go low enough, and even shockwaves are ineffective against him (it's the wheels, you see).  Attacks that hit a wide area are pretty much the only reliable way to hit him.

+Beepsky is easy to play!
Due to his hilariously small moveset, beepsky's learning curve difficulty is the lowest of any character in the series.

-Beepsky is pretty slow.
Beepsky is easily one of if not the slowest character in the game by far.

-Beepsky can't jump.
I mean...*pfffft*...ha ha...I mean, how is that gonna...gonna jump?  Jesus christ...

Beepsky's moveset

A: Swing Stun Baton.  Stuns anyone it hits for roughly ten seconds or until the opponent gets hit by something else, whichever happens first.  Highly effective!

Up A: Beepsky has no Up A attack.

Down A: Beepsky has no Down A attack.

Forward A: Beepsky has no Forward A attack.

Hard A any direction: Surprisingly, Beepsky has no Smash Attack.  He just swings the baton HARDER.

Neutral A (Air): If beepsky somehow gets in the air, he flails the stun baton in the hopes it hits someone.  All air attacks do this. 

B: Arrest!  Beepsky (gently) handcuffs any nearby opponent in handcuffs.  Requires 5 seconds to work.  Handcuffs last roughly 30 seconds and prevent attacks.  Beepsky also recites one of his beloved quotes, confirming a successful arrest.*

Up B: Beepsky has no Up B attack.

Down B:  Beepsky has no Down B attack.

Forward B: I think you know where this is going.

Y: Disabled.  Beepsky cannot jump.

Final Smash: In the unlikely event When Beepsky grabs a smash ball, he temporarily changes into Emagged Beepsky and chases the nearest enemy at lightning slightly faster speed.  If Beepsky reaches his target, he immediately attacks the opponent rapidly (roughly a total of twenty swings) while reciting his otherwise unused most famous quote.  Under normal circumstances, this would render the target stunned for several minutes.  For the sake of time and mercy, this attack simply launches the target out of the arena on the last hit.  Beepsky is invulnerable to damage while using his final smash because clearly he needs it.

*In the unlikely event of a mirror match, Beepsky cannot arrest himself.  Beepsky has no arms, damn it.


Beepsky's usability shines mostly only in team matches, where he is able to rely on other characters to eliminate foes he has successfully arrested.  His team is also effectively down a player unless he successfully downs an opponent, although he also succeeds in sheer chaos, where other distractions may occupy his opponents time.  He is also useful as a character to thoroughly fuck with people, as well as make people shout "Again?  Are you fucking kidding me?" in rapid success on the character select screen.

Why did I do this?

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