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Genetics Abilities Suggestions
So I was thinking about making a patch to add more fun genetics abilities, but I really only had one or two ideas. So I'm asking for ideas.

As far as I could tell, there aren't any big genetics abilities suggestion threads like there are for Traits and some other things, so I figured I'd make this to ask for some.

So a few things for more details that would be useful for me:

- Combining mutations. There needs to be more mutations that can be found through combinations. Currently I don't think there are any that require you to combine more than 2 mutations or use an already combined power to get it. It would be fun for some really interesting/useful mutations. So if you have an idea for a powerful ability, then it could fit in so long as it requires combinations.

- Changes with chromosomes. How would empowered and synchronized mutations change the power.

- Detremental mutations. There aren't enough of them, and the ones that do exist either kill you immediately or seem to do basically nothing.

- A harmful active power, or a power with a built in danger. The only one that exists I think is biomass self-manip and that's really only bad until you get the right chromosomes. The adrenaline button is orobably the best example of this power with a good trade off, it will save your life probably, but you'll be paying for it for the next 20 minutes if you survive.
Personally, I think we've got a bit of bloat in genetics powers in that there is a lot that are just fun gimmicks and a few that are gameplay affecting.

Which isn't to say I don't think we should add more, but one thing that I think is underutilized is the ability to combine mutations to come up with new ones, and I think it would be a good idea to come up with more combinations for things that don't have them
I agree that too many powers are gimmicky, that's why I'm asking the question. I'd like more powers that have some utility or are more fun. I've never seen anyone create an injector for swedish accent to spread around. I guess that could be funny, but really there's just so many skin colour changes and accents that they are bloated.

I guess I forgot to mention combining powers. I much prefer combining mutations for new/powerful abilities. Both of the two new ideas I had for powers included them being accessible from combining mutations and have a very low probability for finding them randomly. I'll amend my post.
Doest regeneration require a tier 2 Gene be combined with another? That or one of the requirements is super rare to the point that combining for it is usually the only way to get it
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I had a thread about this, if you want to have a look through what was suggested back then.
Polymorph O-TYPE: turn someone else into YOU


room temperature breath: just blows people back and has a chance for a brief knockdown

Ass Emesis: make other people vomit a la brown note

Z Ray Vision: you can only see what isn't in a visible tile


Y ray vision: ghosts!!!

Monkey's uncle: can only speak in monkey
Gold digger: can sense how much money a person has

Chromakinesis: PARTY MODE POWER

some kind of galoshes mutation with a clever name

[DATA CORRUPTED]: gives worrying messages and does tox and brute damage constantly. When you die you gin and meatstation monsters attack everyone around you. Or you turn into a genetic freak thing

Docheiokinesis: can see inside containers you are not next to and manipulate their contents
Lesser Lycanthropy (Active) - Turns you into a controllable dog after a short delay. It's permanent.
   (Synchronized) - You can turn back into you again.
   (Empowered) - You turn into George. This has no effect besides name and sprite.
   Instability Effect - You turn into a hairy mess, as if you got hit by Super Hairgrownium and Grog.

Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-AZ (Passive) - Your voice color turns gold, your text is emboldened and you have a chance of finishing sentences with the words "I am (Name)."
   (Empowered) - Your text is also large, a la High-Pressure Larynx, but without the exclamation marks, and your name is gold in chat.

Glowing Retina (Passive) - Your eyes glow in the dark. This does not illuminate your surroundings, it only makes your eyes appear at full-light, while the rest of you is still dark.

Meta-Neural Blast (Active) - You can shoot a projectile called a 'Mindblast'! It deals minor burn damage.
   (Empowered) - You shout "HADOUKEN" when firing Mindblasts, and the blasts deal more damage.
   Instability Effect - You accidentally perform the blast backwards, and hit yourself.

Bone-Break Syndrome (Passive) - Your limbs become so incredibly easy to dismember that even normal punches can cause violent limb separation. Dismemberments emit a cracking noise when they happen.

Kindred Flesh (Passive) - You gain the Vampire's weaknesses to Holy Water, the Chapel and Space.

Meta-Neural Self-Projection (Active) - You can project yourself into another location, creating a 'ghost' that can talk to other living people. This 'ghost' can use any and all Meta-Neural mutations as normal, but all physical mutations don't work. Your 'ghost' can be injured, which deals half damage to your body.
   (Empowered) - Your 'ghost' looks just like the real you, letting you fool people into trying to assassinate your ghost before de-projecting.
   (Synchronized) - Your 'ghost' no longer transfers damage back to you.

Meta-Neural Projection (Active) - You can 'project' various spectral objects and use them for various purposes, ranging from a spectral screwdriver to a spectral multitool. These projections last until you use the power again, or you drop them.
   (Empowered) - You can choose what to project, and your projections don't disappear on drop.
Having both projections stabilized should let you project someone else by grabbing them. Serve as a human hologram maker.

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