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Mentor Application: SimianC
Usual Character Name: CUTIE, Bobson Dugnutt, Unspeakable Horror
BYOND Username: SimianC
Recommended by (if applicable): Flourish
Times Available: 4 PM to 8 PM EST during the week, 1 PM to 11 PM EST on weekends.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): 
Having followed the SS13 thread in Something Awful and watching the videos uploaded by Yorpyorpyorp back in 2014, I realized that I had dreams of farting in deep space. After playing 2-3 rounds on Goonstation, I came to the conclusion that the learning curve was a bit too much for me with my current course-load and decided to put those gastrointestinal ambitions on hold. I made my return in July 2017 with newfound resolve and have become a relatively competent spaceman. Had I taken advantage of the mentor program back in 2014, I feel that I would have stuck with the game and created even more memories. The reason for my mentor application is a desire to help new players overcome the intimidation that comes with this game's steep learning curve so that they can enjoy this wonderful game as I do. 

I can typically be seen playing as a cyborg or as the AI, I play these roles with the overall goal of keeping as much of the crew alive as I can, while also trying to keep the round as entertaining as possible. Following my laws, setting up the solars, siphoning the entirety of the shipping budget, summoning the port-a-med and port-a-brig, and telling jokes over the radio every five minutes are some of the things I can do as AI with confidence. As AI I can usually pick out which crew members are new players and can offer them tips if I see them struggling with something. 

When I'm not playing as a silicon, I'm a member of the medical team, usually a Roboticist or Medical Doctor. My medical experience stems from my rounds as a Mediborg, but I am now comfortable performing surgeries and reattachments, knowing which medical chems to administer depending on the situation, and even bringing husked crew members back to life. As a Roboticist I can assemble and upgrade cyborg and AI shells, as well as construct medbots, buttbots and other machines. Although I don't play Geneticist very often, I am capable of turning the myself and the crew into X-men rejects while also keeping up on my cloning duties. 

As far as Research goes, I know how to synthesize all basic  chems and create pre-set chemical groups, though I tend to focus on the production of beneficial chems to supply Medbay with. Most of my time in research is spent in the artifact lab where I can navigate DWAINE and reliably activate most artifacts and noisemakers, much to crew dismay. I haven't spend any time learning telescience or toxins, but I hope to remedy this in the near future.

I've recently made a few stints into playing Security with varying amounts of success. I'm comfortable apprehending criminals and confiscating contraband, while also trying to be fair in doling out punishments. I will admit that there are times where I am to lenient and it comes back to bite me in the end, but I have successfully placed wizards on trial and cremated changelings. I think it's important to maintain station safety while also keeping the round interesting and fun for everyone involved.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):

In my opinion CUTIE is one of the most effective silicon players on Goonstation, easily. I also recognize the name Unspeakable Horror as a fun mime/clown if I recall correctly. Absolutely a yes from me.
Yeah, CUTIE is such an effective and helpful silicon. And Bobson and Unspeakable Horror are both super fun and good (good sec too, for the former!). SimianC is someone I always love seeing around; they're an awesome player and would make an awesome mentor.
CUTIE is TOP TIER silicon and I'm always glad to see them. Bobson is great sec and I'm always glad to have them on my team. I also have less specific good memories about the name Unspeakable Horror. I had no idea all three of these names were the same player! For sure would make a good mentor.
Lotta good players making mentor apps this month!
Cutie is one of the best silicons i've ever seen +1*100 very yes

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