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Mentor Application: Triacontakai
Usual Character Name: Cody Rose
BYOND Username: Triacontakai
Recommended By: that one sentient admin bee on that one round (Readster?):
[Image: RoupVE3.png]
Times Available: ~17:00 - 21:00 EST weekdays, times between ~14:00 - 20:00 EST weekends

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):
    I’ve been playing SS13 for a while now, and started Goon in late 2015. I’ve grown to enjoy the community and features here, and I feel like I know enough now to help dudes learn the game and also explain some more nuanced stuff like DWAINE and packets. Most of the time when I see someone in-game who wants to learn some kind of system or subject I try to take some time out of my round and help explain the stuffs. A large part of being a mentor is also not abusing the info you take from mentorhelp and using it to metagame in the round. Although I feel like I can sometimes come off as powergame-y, I wouldn’t use any info gathered from mentorhelp since someone asking a question should not have their round ruined because a mentor decides to act on info given by them or anyone else.

    One of the parts of the game I’m most experienced with and enjoy doing/teaching is wired/wireless packets, the network, and the computer systems (both DWAINE and ThinkDOS). I know how to use that stuff to remotely operate the telepad, (re)call the shuttle, unlock doors and lockers with PDA, and just how to operate both OSes. This is one of the systems in the game that isn’t documented or known by many people, and I think I could help with that.
    I also have made many neat contraptions with MechComp (including stuff with RegEx) integrating the use of the wired and wireless networks, and also some separate fun stuff like this:
    I know how to operate the engine and get it to E X T R E M E  P O W E R, on one occasion getting it to yottawatt levels over a 2 hour long round on Cog2. I can operate QM efficiently and get lots of money for the station at any given time. Mining is one of my weaker subjects, but I can still do the job and get lods of useful materials to make whatever.
    In medical, I know how to do surgery both to someone and to yourself, and also the most effective medicine(s) to use for a given situation but usually end up using cryoheal pills because of versatility Some banjo thing somebody bought for some great re . I am also somewhat experienced with pathology, in that I know how it works but have never done anything exceptional with it.
    Research is one of my best departments, where I know how to operate the teleporter, make large booms with toxins (obliterating the station with a bunch of canbombs in the past), and am somewhat decent at chemistry. I don’t know many secret chems, but I can make decent concoctions of biological terror that kill spacemen quietly and effectively. I am also able to do solo solarium runs.
    Overall, I have at least basic experience with every job in the game, and believe that makes me fit to be a mentor

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
Deffo. Big nerd with big scary knowledge and goodnesses. Yes.
Cody knows a lot of cool stuff and does fun things. He'd be a great mentor. Yes. (I was the bee by the way)
I support this application.
I support that you assumed it was me.
Obligatory: you aren't a mentor already?
yes to my favorite nerd
I dont know how I got purple before you.
How has this not happened yet?

yes yes and yes again
Yeah he's a decent guy, plus he's got a great forum avatar; what else is needed?
I vote yes

Cody was the person who introduced me to even knowing packets were a thing you could do when I was new
I have not gotten to know them as well as I'd've liked, but from what I have seen of Tria has been very good, not shit, and knowledgeable. Plus one from me

See Reply
Absolutely yes, one of the most effective crew members I have ever met. God help us all when he rolls antag
i know the name, yes

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