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Mentor Application: CandleCandleCandles
Usual Character Name: Selladore Kaine
BYOND Username: CandleCandleCandles
Recommended by (if applicable): Readster, InternetDweller
Times Available: 20:00 to 1:00 EST consistently; 10:00 to 14:00 EST often 

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): 

Whenever I've seen a new player needing help, I've enjoyed teaching them a few things to get them at the least down the right path, by explaining a few mechanics and recommending to use mentorhelp and the wiki liberally. By becoming a mentor myself, I will be able to help players all the more easily - not only helping wholly new players, but also helping somewhat more experienced players trying to learn about something new. I have referred to the wiki often and know it fairly well, so even should I not know an answer offhand, I am reasonably assured in my ability to find and communicate a correct solution. In addition, I hope to contribute better to the positive image of the community as well; the more helpers out there, the better and more welcoming the game will be.

As far as game experience goes, knowing medical and science are my main skills. I have a fairly good knowledge of chemistry, and I know how to use the Chemistry page to interpret just what a chem would do. I know how to use telescience, both the on-station and adventure zone aspects as well as how to operate the artifact lab. With medical, I know how to treat ailments and what the plethora of medical chems do, as well as how to use additional medical tools.
Regarding other skills - I've had a fair bit of experience in other jobs, enough that I would be comfortable playing as any given job. I can set up engines, manage others as a head, and judge situations on the fly as security, as well as know when it is acceptable to ramp up security-based measures. Although my knowledge is still spotty in a few areas - most of all, mining - I know well enough to be able to answer simple questions regarding said areas.
But perhaps even more importantly, I know how to make my way around some of the more general, non job-based mechanics, ones as simple as buckling/unbuckling, operations of pods, and many more simple but somewhat important mechanics which I have been told constitute a great number of mentorhelps.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):

A great player, that would make for a great mentor!
candles is a wonderful person and a competent player. i wanna see them in purple
Selly's a great person, and a knowledgeable player. I trained him in medical and he quickly picked up everything, as well as keeps up with me. He's taught himself stoichiometry for chemistry with the intention to teach himself the chemicompiler soon. He's made every single non-secret chem as well.

If there's something he's not aware of he'll do his best to learn it, and is quite open to accept change if he's wrong on something, or ease you into realizing you're wrong. He's never rude, and is known as quite a wholesome player overall.

I would love to see him in purple, as I can only see good come from him.
I have come to the conclusion, having interacted with the alleged applicant in and out of the game, that he is very qualified for mentorship. He knows many things and he's good at learning more and talking about them in the good ways we want.
I give it "yes".
Absolutely, yes. Thought he was already.
Yes +1.

By the way, have you considered changing your name to "Selladorne" Kaine? That's how I always hear it in my head until I have a second look.
Selladore is one of the nicest players around and would absolutely make a good mentor.
Why not +1
Cellar door

Definite yes, surprised they arent poorple already
candles don't shit +1
Candles is a great player and very friendly and knowledgeable.

Recruit this nerd to purple ASAP!
Could not recommend enough, super nice and helpful and excellent member of the community.

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