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HoS Application: Flaborized
Usual Character Name: Emma Yorkshire
BYOND Username: Flaborized
Recommended by (if applicable): Sord213, Fosstarreagan, Flourish
Times Available: It varies a lot, but I only play on Goon2 currently. 

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): 
Sord213 and Fosstarreagan told me that I should apply a while ago, but I held off on it because I couldn't really write an application that I was happy with. Flourish told me that I should apply today so I thought I would try and write something up again. Those are three people who I respect the opinions of so I couldn't not write it now. The worst thing that could happen is I get denied and receive helpful constructive criticism on my play style!

I very much so enjoy playing security, especially with a team. Many people will tell you that they feel excited when they join as security and see that there is an HoS. This is because an HoS is guaranteed to be a good sec player, and that guarantees that security will be more coordinated. Communication and cooperation are the most fun and engaging parts of playing security, and I believe that as an HoS I would be able to foster teamwork, creating a more fun environment for both other sec players and myself. Communication is not only the most important tool that security has at its disposal, it is also the most important part of Space Station 13 as a whole. 

Playing security well requires an understanding of the "tone" of Goon, and I think I have a very good feel for what security should and should not do. A rotten security officer can really spoil a round for somebody! I think the most important thing is to keep a level head. I've seen security officers brig people for upwards of fifteen minutes for "annoying them" and crusher ling corpses that were on their way to be borged because "they don't like people who have ling enabled", and I hope that I have shown that I am not that kind of sec player. I believe that to gain respect, you have to give respect, and that while I may make mistakes, being polite is NEVER a mistake. I feel that an HoS is in a good position to monitor sec officers, and the most able to stop people from being shitty to other players as security.

I feel that the presence of an HoS adds a lot to a round. As a security officer, you have that aforementioned ever so wonderful promise of cooperation and communication. As a regular crew-person, you can be certain that security won't bully you with harmbatons. As an antag, it adds a whole new layer of depth. Doing evil is only fun if there is a risk of getting caught! While the crew may ignore you running around emagging doors and injecting random people with concentrated initropidril, you can rest assured that the HoS will not be so negligent. Also, as an antag, it's fun having a target to kill that is both difficult to kill and rewarding to kill.(rewarding in that you can loot their ID for that sweet, sweet armory access)

So, when it comes to my "reason for application", I would say that it boils down to how much an HoS adds to a game, and how I feel I am capable of playing the role well. I am capable of playing HoS in a way that creates fun for others and myself. Sometimes as a regular sec officer, I get the feeling that I would better be able to handle a situation if the team had an HoS. Security is really amazing when it's at its best, and I want to encourage security to be its best! Also, who wouldn't want that cool hat?

Security Experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing since 12/1/17, and I have picked up a lot of knowledge. I started playing sec about two months ago or so, something like that. I'm very aware of things like when to use a flash, when to baton, stuff like that. I know how every antag works and what they are capable of, with perhaps the exception of flock. I have also played a decent amount of detective, but I prefer to play as an officer. I know a whole lot about chemistry, which can help a lot as security when it comes to either producing chemicals or identifying poisons. I'm generally able to tell a TTV hole from a hellchem hole from a pipebomb hole, which is also very helpful. 

One of the most powerful but underutilized tools that security has is the forensic scanner. I am very well acquainted with it and I never go anywhere as an officer without one. I'm also able to use things like the detective's packet sniffer to snoop on PDA conversations or their camera monitor to peak around the station and stalk watch suspicious individuals from afar. I know when to put on thermals and I feel that, as an HoS, I would have a good sense of when to crack open the armory for mutadone tranqs or flamethrowers for a blob. I also know how to use secmate to set people to arrest and such. 

I'm not unrobust in my opinion, but I'm also no OMJ/JayWolff/HorseHorsington/Drago type who is like, notable for being incredibly robust. I'm generally a decent shot with a taser in a spacelag-free environment, and I'm okay at clicking spacemans with a stun baton. I've made my fair share of mistakes, and die a whole lot, but every failure is a chance to learn! I like to take every death as a chance to notice how I could improve myself: maybe I should have used a baton instead of a taser back there, or maybe I shouldn't have picked that fight, things like that. Having a mentality like that ensures that I will always be improving. 

In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc):
Oh boy, this is something I have spent a lot of time thinking about! I'll talk about Cog1 and Clarion, as those are the maps I know the best. 

There are only four equipment lockers, but there can be five security officers, meaning that if you are lucky enough to have a full team, someone has to get their gear at a checkpoint. This has always bothered me and I don't really understand why this is the case. You get two forensic scanners, one in the main security room and one cleverly hidden in the interrogation room. The insulated gloves are always nice. I really like the entrance to security, especially how you can exit from the visitation room if the main entrance is blocked or if somebody annoying will run through the door when you open it. The little buffer room entrance is very nice and the chute that removes people from security without opening the door to let more in is super, super useful. The brig is fine, it's easy-ish to break into but in my experience prison-breaks are kind of rare. You can always use the super secure solitary or even the mini-brig at the sec checkpoint if the main brig is compromised. The interrogation room is too dark, it should have some more lights! The armory is very safe, maybe too safe? Also the fire alarm put precariously next to the port-a-brig home location is hilarious and should stay forever.

Five sec lockers, one forensic scanner, very nice. The entrance is very exposed, which makes it easier to enter but harder to enter undetected. The brig is the same story; it's easier to break someone out of solitary than on Cog1, but doing it with any sort of stealth is basically impossible. The armory is very easy to break into because it is exposed to maint, which I think is bad for security but ultimately more fun. There are no lockers in the brig attached to the timers, and those are super useful! I use those for basically every person I brig, it's just the most convenient way to handle returning someone's possessions. It's kind of a shame that those are absent!

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
No bans.  sop babys
Emma is a good player and good sec. She's competent and knowledgeable, and very fun as well! She knows when to play along and when to be serious, and I would trust her with Tanhony's (or Stirstir's) life. Give her the beret hat!
I could have sworn Ive seen you as HoS already, or at least looking slick with a stolen hat I suppose. Yes from me
As Floutish said, Flaborized knows when to play along and when to be serious - she can be enjoyably silly, but she certainly knows when it's the right or wrong time for such.
With all I have seen Flaborized do as sec, she gets a definite yes from me.
Yorkie Dorkshite is fun to be around, so I trust her to use that beret for good! A solid yes from me!
I thought Emma was already a mentor, so i'm calling this a bug plz fix
Played sec with you plenty. You know your stuff.

Beware of Sord. He will try to take your hat. You must not let this happen.
hello yes i would like to support your application with a +1
Flaborized is a fantastic sec player. Great to have on your sec team, and great to go against as a bad guy.
Emma is an excellent officer and player +1
Emma Yorkshire is one of the best officers to grace the station +1
Yeah, Emma++. I didn't even need to read the application to give her my recommendation, but I did anyway.
hello yes i would like to support your application with a +1
Hello, it's me, a literal ghost.
I've played many a round with Emma, in fact I think I've even played with her during some of her earlier sec rounds if the timeline is accurate. She started out good and has only gotten better, and is almost always playing sec whenever I drop in, and on goon that means something. She gets a solid "ye" from me.

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