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Avack's HoS application
Usual Character Name: Julian Stough-Jackson, Elisa Stough, Artyom Zakharov, Vanya Zakharov, Vera Hewes, Silas Shkodra, All-Weather AI V2, Seraph System, Wormwood OS
BYOND Username: Avak32
Recommended by: InternetDweller, Weavel
Times Available: Generally 8PM to 2AM UTC.

Reason for Application:
Another HoS told me to do it
 Security is exceptional as a department in its ability to make or break a round: on one hand, we have good sec who can do wonders for the round's tension and drama by providing opposition to the antagonist; on the other, we have bad sec who can grind the round to a halt in a mire of unwarranted perma-briggings, meaningless fines and random stunnings. A HoS, equipped not only with the contents of the armoury but also the closest thing you can have in this game to authority, can turn even the most mediocre sec team into a great one. I believe I can do this.

 I don't intend this to mean that HoSes are superhuman and capable of redeeming even the worst power-tripper, but rather that, by leading by example and by occasional and judicious brute force, they can guide a security force into becoming the instrument of fun it can and should be. And, besides that, we can guarantee that they are a good officer themselves, and worthy of as much trust as you are ever willing to give somebody in this game. It's because of these positive effects a HoS can have on the game that I'd like to become one myself, so that I may hopefully bear the same torch as all the good HoSes I am always so happy to see.

 That and, of course, I do enjoy playing security! There's a lot of fun in tracking down a criminal or putting together a mystery, not to mention the pure adrenaline of the actual confrontation. In addition, it's a magnificent way to generate the conflict and interaction that RP1 thrives on. I can't deny I had my misgivings with playing sec at times, but after getting a lot more practice I've found myself adopting a more and more positive outlook towards it, approaching it from a better angle.

 Finally, there's one more reason: I like to help. It's why I became a mentor and a large part of my involvement in this community. A HoS is in an excellent position to help new sec players of all kinds; after all, who wouldn't trust somebody with a beret like that to teach them?

Security Experience:
 I should start this with a disclaimer: most of my security experience (and SS13 experience!) is on RP1. This, however, should by no means be taken to imply that I'm not robust: I know what equipment is best suited for which task, I'm familiar enough with the different antag and weapon types to combat them effectively, and I have a good aim with a taser.

 Though security was one of the last roles I tried, I've come to like it. I've played it on-and-off on #2 and pretty regularly on #1 ever since I introduced my sec character (Vera Hewes) in late December, 2016. Since then, I've had plenty of experience with everything from clown pranks to heavily-armed inhuman madmen, and found out how to deal with them with what I believe to be the right attitude.

 A strong opinion that I've formed is that perhaps the greatest thing somebody can do as any member of security is communicate. Coordinating with your fellow officers can spectacularly boost the effectiveness of the sec team and liaising with the public can go a long way to mitigate how much they inevitably hate you. If nothing else, being a part of a close-knit team is so much more fun than being no more than a group of disorganised, uniformed ticket-dispensers.

 I think that the best sec tries to make the round better for every player, not just by taking out antagonists and big-time criminals, but by making it into a fun part of the game in its own right. Of course, the greatest priority when somebody's stimmed up and shooting randomly is to get them disarmed and arrested, but once that's happened there's a whole world of opportunities to make a fun time out of them. Public trials, executions, rehabilitation, job interviews or just plain releasing them without their gear are all very engaging options - often except for hostile changelings, of course; you can't confiscate weapons if they are the weapon!

 For light crimes, I tend to prefer an equally light touch, getting heavier for repeat offences. I'll try and stop people from performing petty crimes, but I generally prefer to either help them do what they want in a legal way or to simply make a note of their crime (and tell the other officers about it, of course) and ask them not to do it again. Contraband will likely be confiscated and either disposaled or kept in security. Minor violent crimes are best solved with a stun and a "don't do it again" for somebody's first fight; a second fight or more is deserving of escalating punishments beginning with brigging and potentially ending with marooning if we can't get them to stop.

 Oh, and I never take a prisoner's headset. That's not kosher, IMO.

In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc):
I'll speak a little for each map I know well enough.

Destiny: Nice interrogation room. Cells are placed pretty nicely: easy enough to break someone out of solitary without being too obvious, a little harder for genpop. Could do with being a little more publicly-visible, but there's the matter of space constraints. Plenty of room to run around in in the main room.. I have no major complaints.

Clarion: Solitary cells have only one wall between them and the main hallway, which makes them a little too easy and too obvious to break out from. Genpop feels a little "secluded", like it's hard to keep an eye on. Main room is a little small. Well-compartmentalised, though, with a nice interrogation room. Sadly a little publicly-invisible again.

Cog1: Pretty nice. Not fond of how isolated and hard to break out of the solitary cell is, but genpop is very good: nice visitation area that can be blocked off, easy but secret break-out location, very visible. The mainly vertical alignment is both a blessing and a curse, since on one hand I think it makes it easier to take all the brig in at once, but on the other hand it makes action a bit more hectic.

General brig opinions: A publicly-visible brig is best to allow for public accountability. Solitary cells should be present, but both solitary cells and genpop should have places where they can be broken open without exposing them directly to the public. At least two layers of doors between the cells and the outside are useful.

Previous Bans:
A good player, who would make for a great HoS! +1
Would definitely make a great HoS, full support!
Is a good man. Would wear the hat well.
Definitely a yes from me
yeah sure why not +1
Avak would be a great HoS
Absolute top man, could not reccommend more for the role.
Good sec soon to be good HoS +1
Is good player all around, and seems to know right from wrong well enough to put it into practice.

Yes from me!
I very much agree with Avack being a trustworthy and strong choice for HoSing. Thought that even before knowing all the "behind the scenes"y parts, so to say, of the application, and now I'm even more sure of such after reading it.
A big yes from me.
I thought you already were a HoS.

A yes from me.
I've seen some of those names before, and in nearly every case they've been crewmembers I can rely on to not be lousy. I think you'd do well with the beret, a solid yes from me!
As a clown main, and repeat offender of petty crimes I get arrested a lot. The times I've been arrested and/or interrogated by one of Avacks characters have been a blessing and made me more open to let myself be arrested rather than bamboozle the fuck out of there every time.

This is a solidly written app, and I know Avack very well, both in game characters and outside it, and can safely say that this is a big +1 from Tooty.

I really enjoy having HoSies around as they tend to be great at making crime more fun and rewarding. I do believe that Avack is very cabable of increasing the number of good HoSies from N to N+1.

Tooty's seal of approval stamped here: :0)

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