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JellyNoodle Unban Appeal
Byond Key(s): JellyNoodle, TheSpaghetti, Emanresu123

Date of Ban: ??? (LONG TIME AGO)

Specified Reason for Ban: Reason: 1. Begging for revives in adminhelp. 2. Multikeying to try to get another player in trouble.
Banned By: mybluecorners

Ban Length: Permanent.

What led to the ban? I wanted to make loaves (I was captain), got turned into a loaf by someone else trying to make loaves, logged in with another account, became HoP, tried to make loaves, got turned into a loaf again, and I don't remember much else.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I wasn't multikeying to try to get another player in trouble. I was multikeying because I wanted to make loaves. Also I won't do that again. Especially because all my other accounts broke (that was the reason I created the account "JellyNoodle" in the first place).

Evasion Attempts: A few. Not sure how many. I REALLY like Goonstation but was too lazy to make a forum account until now.

Oh also the ban wasn't originally permenant. It was originally temporary but than immediately after I got on Goon after the ban was over mybluecorners banned me again and this time it was permaban.
Ban is from about 7 months ago, in November. I'll summarize the events as I can see from the logs we have.

A crewman named Chance Ironmonger is working with the loafer. You decided to join him, which is all good + fine. During the process of loafing, you kept standing over an area where you would be crushed by the loafer. Chance attempted to warn you several times, for example:

Quote:[09:38:41] SAY: Chance Ironmonger : please stay out of the way
[09:47:52] SAY: Chance Ironmonger : NEVER stand on the flusher unless you want to die.

So, you were flushed and killed at some point for standing in the danger zone. The next bit :

Quote:[09:50:33] AHELP: Xylarn Azkal (Emanresu123) [TRAITOR] [DEAD] HELP: Glitch. Put me back in my body I got glitched.

I'm assuming here in good faith that you didn't see any of the previous warnings in the chat? We can see all the past events in detail, so this was either a mistake or a lie.
After we established that it was not a glitch : 


Normally I wouldn't note this here, but you did have a history of misusing adminhelp to ask for favors. (thus the "1. Begging for revives in adminhelp" part of your ban message)
And then, about 15 minutes later...

Quote:[10:18:08] AHELP: Lance Conrad (Emanresu1234) HELP: CLANCE KILLING ME!!
[10:18:48] AHELP: Lance Conrad (Emanresu1234) [DEAD] HELP: ADMIN REVIVE ME CLANCE KILLED ME NOT VALID!!!
[10:23:47] AHELP: Lance Conrad (Emanresu1234) [DEAD] PM'd Dotty Spud (MBC) [DEAD]: He hit me with a loaf
[10:23:52] AHELP: Lance Conrad (Emanresu1234) [DEAD] PM'd Dotty Spud (MBC) [DEAD]: And put me in

What I can gather from the logs is that you re-joined on a separate account to go back to loafing, as you said. Aside from the blatant multikeying, it appeared to us as if you intentionally fell in the loafer for a second time so we would go after Chance. We briefly looked into Chance's behavior at the time and he was not found to be griefing - it seemed to us that you were lying when you said that he personally murdered you. (And again, you're asking us to revive you through adminhelp).

Also, the ban was changed to Permanent because the first time that I set was an accident. Normally for issues involving multikeying, we'd rather have you come to the forums to work it out.

If the summary above sounds accurate to you, I would like you to closely read our Rules page and tell me which rule(s) were broken, to show that you understand and agree to their terms.  If this is not an accurate summary, please explain why.
He pushed me in. I didn't stand there on purpose. Also I'm not as ridiculous as before and wouldn't do that again.

This is the best station and I don't want to not be able to play on it PLEASE just unban me ;-;
I'll take you at your word for that, but his ample warnings are still valid and you had been putting yourself in danger repeatedly, even if you didn't notice at the time.

That's not really important, though. The important stuff is the what is listed as the Ban Reason, 1. Misuse of adminhelp (asking for revives or other favors, including some minor offenses over time that I did not list explicitly) and 2. Multikeying

I still would like you to read over our Rules page. Please take a close look and tell me which rule(s) you think you may have broken. This is required if you want to be unbanned - it will prove to us that you have read and understand the rules.
I broke this rule but I really just wanted to make loaves.

  1. Don't use multiple accounts in a single round. If you're Jimmy Poo, and you get killed, don't jump right back in as J. Fred Bloggs. You are welcome to use multiple accounts so long as you only connect to a given round with ONE of them and no other. If you for some reason want to roll up a completely new BYOND account for each and every round you play, we won't stop you, though we may wonder about your sanity. (NOTE: If there are other people in your household playing or otherwise sharing an IP address for some reason, it is worth dropping us a line via the adminhelp command to let us know. All we'll ask is that you not communicate with each other out-of-game about what's happening in the game.)

Also I didn't notice what he said. I'm less ridiculous now and maybe he didn't push me in on purpose, but I WAS ridiculous back then and didn't consider that it could have been an accident.
Cool, thanks for understanding.
Although it may not explicitly be noted in the rules, you should also use the ingame 'Prayer' function if you ever want to go on a whim and ask for admin favors. The adminhelp channel is strictly for administrative questions or bug reports. (Just note, by Praying you might not always get what you want...)

I've unbanned you now, play nice please!

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