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Help me put together tips for roleplaying on 1
Hello everybody, i am putting together tips for people who want to uplevel their rp on lljk 1 in this (Removed, it's on the wiki now) so if you enjoy doing the roleplay please contribute! I'm going to put this on the wiki once we have enough tips and i get around to formatting it. So feel free to contribute! It's open to all!
Shank em while they're typing
Actually treat heads of staff like your boss. You don't have to respect them, just acknowledge they are technically of higher rank than you.
-Unless they're acting like a dumbass/idiot. In that case politely pat them on the shoulder and explain to your co-workers that they just need a little extra care than other Heads of Personnel
Don't be afraid to take regular conversations privately.  Everyone is curious and nosey, and choosing to talk about dinner plans behind closed doors gets people curious.

Screaming immediately for help when an antag goes after you can easily shut down any role-play they were going to do in favor of running like a bitch across the ship.  Sometimes letting things happen is more interesting

Hold crew-wide events, I've seen a couple of crews hold crew trust exercises, poetry night, or masquerades.  This can also allow the resident antag time to set up, or give more excuse for their chosen rp.

Remember this is a round to have fun, not to win.  You're here to help your crew help everyone have a more enjoyable experience.  You are probably going to die, and that's OK.  If you're running around silent gunning innocent people down, or making an ass out of yourself just to do it, please go to goon2 where that is more acceptable to do.  Role-play both sides of attacks, being attacked, and attacking, freak out, act scared of someone, or be that cocky asshole we love to hate, or something in between!
Try to be receptive of whatever interactions other crew members set up. Those crew wide events Eibs mentioned? Try to attend thrm whenever you can! Good breeding ground for both doing stuff and watching other shenanigans.

Similarly, try to overall be receptive to other players' individual interactions with you. (Though of course, you can play a character who's a real brush-off. There's a balance to be made. ) You can't exactly arpee much if you don't interact, plus you'd be surprised how fun seemingly mundane conversations can be.

Don't eat the yellow snow.

Try to be a bit mindful of who you see being more arpee-conscious. When you have something you want to do, being a bit picky about who you do stuff to can help, and should make for better times for those involved.

I also recommend limiting what your character knows. Sure, YOU may know your way around every medicine and condition, but does your Mechanic character know? What about your Scientist character? Your Geneticist character?
This is only barely related to RP, but it pertains to the clarion map, so...

A moeblob mask spawns in a hidden chamber near the crusher. Weld down a wall to get to it. *uguu when wearing it
Knowledge about antags - IC folks know varying levels of what antags are, and it can change per round. It's not because we're stupid, or having our characters learn, it's to further the roleplay and not just kill someone because they're a bad guy.
Similarly, if you're an antag, especially a non human one like ling, you could act as if you don't know what humans do/are.
Sorry for the bump but it's on the wiki finally!!!!! Thanks for the help everybody and feel free to contribute!

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