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DarkChis lljk2
Who banned you?: DarkChis
Byond Key: Vampirate
Date of Ban: year and a half ago to two years.
Specified Reason for Ban:  (in the process of trying to recover the account, but wanted to try to come back the right way rather than just make a new account so I don't know the reason).
Ban Length: Perm
What led to the ban? Artifacts were one of the few things I had less experience with.  I thought I had gotten a noise one, rushed to turn of my speaker cause my kiddo was sleeping nearby, and had no clue I'd actually found a bomb arti. (this was I think the second one I'd ever found in my entire time playing).  If you check the logs I was the first to die and I had just finished spending thirty minutes growing medbay glowing fruit (I felt friggin awful about it, in retrospect I should have adminhelped about it right away)
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned:  

In this instance I had been trying to be a better player, still had some rough edges to smooth out.  I'd just come off a perma.   I'll copp to it, I kinda had a problem with a few players.  In the old days playing to win was more frowned on than it is now.  I spent three months playing a game Ark which, if nothing else, has taught me you can't control anything but what you do. 

I didn't think I'd ever appeal this, but my kiddo asked about the game the other day and I thought why not.  I've had some life changes that have chilled me out lately.  Namely finding out I had a non-malignant tumor pressing on a vein causing my blood pressure to be extremely high and getting that under control has helped,  but also in the last year I just kind of became a less intense person (I think I might just be getting old).

As for the event in question, I felt horrible at the time, and I probably should not play drunk.  If I'm unbanned I'm also going to change names for a while, and leave behind the stigma of my old one.  It was some good advice some admins had given me that I ignored.  

I dunno, it's been a long time, all I can say is the worst that happens is I get rebanned, but I always think well of this game.  I'd like to bring some more people to it.

I definitely need to make sure that if I mess with people that they're in on the joke.  I think a lot of the time in the past I'd mess with one or two people specifically, and I was that guy for a bit in ark that people messed with and it sucks when it's not good nature.

Anyhoo I don't want this to be any more of a text wall than it is.  That's my appeal, if it goes through, awesome, if not I still wish this game all the best and love you guys.

Side Note:  here's a free copy of dungeon of the endless of anyone wants it.  Not meant as bribery, I just get stuff I already have in humble bundle's sometimes, just mention in the appeal if you nabbed it.

Evasion Attempts: 0
I'll be brief here. You had a lot, and I do mean a lot of chances in the past, both after your last unban and before that one to mend your ways and listen to what was being said to you, or to exercise the littlest bit of caution, which you failed to do, leading to this ban.

The admin team as a whole shares a feeling that this is a ban that should remain in place, and it's a feeling I very much agree with, so I will not be lifting this. Cheers.
I understand. Thanks for your time.

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