Mentor Aplication, Crazyabe
Usual Character Name: Honky mac Clown/Johnny mac Black eye
BYOND Username: Crazyabe111
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: I'm usually online and in game from 330PM - 10PM CST most weekdays, 12 - 2ish CST Fridays + Saturdays ~this may change in the future~ and am often lurking on discord throughout the day regardless.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I've been playing since somewhere in 2016, most of that time I spent as jobs like barman, and staffassistant, after a few months I started playing "Harder" jobs, like captain and Scientist, eventually I settled on playing clown, I may not be a master of any of the departments but I know enough to help people get around and survive, I can set up a decent burn for an engine or bomb, I know most of the ins and outs of genetics, robotics, or any of the other general medical work, I can usually understand how to open up a locked crate without it crushing the contents regardless of type. I know how to activate Artifacts, and safely dispose of bombs. I know some deadly chem mixes, and I can go through the calculations needed to get telescience set up to send people to one or two 'zones or loot the D-field, and I most definitely know more than most people about clowning around without being spaced, arrested, or lethally ended. However, I will admit that I know very little about how you play AI because my computer (Now) can't handle it properly, that I have Never set Solars nor the SMEs, And that I know exactly Zero secret chem nerd recipes, and I'm not ashamed to admit these gaps in my knowledge as I know there are plenty of other people able to count them as parts of their own skills.

Now after all this, I want to be able to give back to a community that has taken a decent chunk of two years in exchange for far more fun then I would otherwise be able to find elsewhere, and to help other people learn so they can love this game as much or more then I do.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
One, on June 22 2017, for making pills that damaged the station as a non antag.
Crazyabe's posts on these forums alone shows that they know alot about the game. Plus anyone paying attention can see how active they been for the past two years. I'm gonna vote yes I think you have what it takes to teach and help and have the knowledge to back it up.
Due to a series of poor notes over the last month and a fairly unimpressive application I'm going to vote no on this one.
Your application is very minimal and honestly kinda empty. You also seem very powergamey when I've played with you in the last month and I don't really know if you could be trusted to not metagame with the info you'd be given.

I'm gonna have to say no on this
I had a sort of bad experience with you on Goon 1 once, where you just kept on breaking in to the HoP office to get all-access, even attacking me and another staff member when we forced you out.

But then after, you drove me around on the forklift-cargotrain thing for a while, which was just fun and silly.

Aaaaand you then abused a kinda-bug on the forklift to strip me entirely, without me knowing, and take my access.

I’m pretty conflicted. You definitely know enough to be a mentor, and you seem genuinely nice and friendly in your app, but you really need to tone down the aggression and meta stuff in-game first. Being a clown is not a free pass to be an asshole.
Not 100% but the name Johnny mac Black eye does bring up bad memories. Like how you used to play Captain and try and order me around while I was a HoS and my team to do absurd things like blood testing everyone and when I told you HoS is above the captain you tried to order my security team to turn on me which caused all of us to arrest you and demote you. This used to happen alot with you and not sure if you still do it but after reading others experiences with you I'd believe it.

You got the knowledge and you have the want to help but you are kinda'va of prick sometimes. Changing my vote to a maybe now.
Although the comments on powergaming run true in my mind I dont think youd use mentorhelps to influence your IC actions. I also dont think playing as an asshole occasionally makes the player himself an asshole. I vote yes.
I'm definitely gonna vote no here. I feel like the application is minimal as well, but moreover I haven't seen anything particularly good or fun from this player and have had several bad experiences, including one in which he attempted first to leave me locked in the cloning scanner and then tried to weld me into a morgue tray (Which I don't think is even a thing you can do?) for not letting him literally shove me aside from my genetics console without a word so he could work his own genetics. I do not think by any means that it is "playing as an asshole", I think it is a streak of assholeish decisions by the player and that's not the kind of person I would want to see as a mentor.
Your application has been denied due to lack of support. Better luck next time!

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