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Major Research / mining shuttle atmos malfunction
Conditions under which this happen are unknown, but it seems to become more likely to happen when the shuttle is moved frequently. Bug is apparently present in all maps (heard in Discord, could use some additional confirmation), but has been made significantly more apparent by Chiron's research shuttle which triggers it pretty often.

At random, after the shuttle has been moved, the atmospherics will wig out and jump to an absurd temperature. This does in most cases cause a massive heat wave causing objects to spontaneously combust and people's lungs to roast.

Some screenshots of atmos scans taken onboard the research shuttle on Chiron, after the fluke triggered:

[Image: n2oz1r2.png]
ack looking

I can confirm I've seen this with the mining shuttle on Destiny during long RP1 rounds. However, it doesn't spread nearly as effectively, possibly due to the airbridge that the Destiny shuttle docks with.
holy fuck, that gas is enough to make more than a maxcap canbomb
How the FUCK do you have -1% anything
(04-14-2018, 05:11 PM)popecrunch Wrote: How the FUCK do you have -1% anything
usually that kinda stuff happens in extremely low pressure gas, so I assume it happens when you have a tiny tiny tiny amount of moles maybe (?)
(04-14-2018, 05:11 PM)popecrunch Wrote: How the FUCK do you have -1% anything

I've had -5% or -6% before while in the process of making TTVs. It's just something that... sorta.. happens
I also heard it happens in the airbridge in Chiron

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