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The War Crimes of Station Design
Better than having to switch between space suit and firesuit still id say!
Toying with the concept of a civvy funtime missile 
arrivals remains on the main ship but cryo is now an option for leaving
additional hangars added, including a public access one on starboard main ship, near the emergency section. 
mining shuttle moved to the mining ship, latches to the port nacelle. 
2nd trader vessel will dock with the civilian ship.
disposal tubes and loader chutes will provide quick podless transit between the 3 main ships 

   [Image: unknown.png]  
what-if :
a station with no hallways.
departments are linked by maintenance (for depts that already have Maint by default), and by public-access spaces for the rest.

example: instead of a main hall, you have the cafeteria, followed by some crew quarters, followed by the chapel, a few podbays, net cafe, etc etc - and branching off of each of these directly are Medbay, research, some maintenance doors, AI, bridge, etc etc. Out in the dark of maint you can get to mech, mining, engineering et al. But no hallways, and few long linear runs
New image of NSS Horizon 

[Image: horizonnov3.png]

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