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The War Crimes of Station Design
(05-05-2018, 09:10 AM)Grek Wrote: Sec Pods are important for Nuke Op rounds and for investigating changelings eating radio station hosts.

Now that's the kind of pitch you hear about in Famous School 
I split the QM podbay and gave half to Sec, accessible via disposal tubes.
okay here's probably my last update for the month 'cause im on holdiay for 3 weeks. 
small changes mostly, intercoms, cameras, tools and tidbits, and the Respect Launcher has been rerouted to get around the limitations of poddoors. In addition, added a floating cargo forwarder aft of QM to make crate delivery more consistent. I'm more or less in the bug fixing stage of this map, just picking through things that broke and things I forgot to add. Plz ignore that black line I fucked up in and didnt notice till now and im not re-doing my render. 

 [Image: rAaZKq.png]
This is amazing looking! I can see genetics and engineering battling for the ability to do their jobs, love it.
The chapel shooting bodies across the station is my new favorite feature.
Can't wait to have a funeral where everyone just lines up and salutes as the departed flies by
Looks great John! This is definitely a map i want to play! It seems big, but the hallways are direct enough that people wont be able to avoid one another to easily I think.
(05-12-2018, 11:07 AM)Frank_Stein Wrote: Can't wait to have a funeral where everyone just lines up and salutes as the departed flies by

While the clown gets run over by said departed
(05-10-2018, 07:16 PM)John Warcrimes Wrote: image

rip image
[Image: u0KSODh.jpg]

So here's something new im gonna do because Lunic is flawed 

the whole map emphasizes long horizontal spaces, meant to take advantage of the wide aspect ratio of the new view. Main areas lend themselves to further visibility and energetic fite and piles of ass ass ass ass ass ass Space 
Is anyone opposed to QM's warehous being maint-access only, and a small public booth for request consoles being the only part on main hall ? 

Also gun

The tip is a smaller self contained emergency habitat of sorts. microbridge, independant power supply, medical and security, and chemistry. A backup department in the case of massive ship damage.
Could be interesting? I think I'd have to see it in action to form a good opinion.

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