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Schwicky_Schwag's Mentor Application
Usual Character Name: Roman Lawhon
BYOND Username: Schwicky_Schwag
Recommended by (if applicable): Grifflez, Avack
Times Available: Around 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM PST (Discord Mobile changes this a bit, but around this time is when I’m definitely able to answer mentorhelps)

Reason for Application + Game Experience:

   It's been about three years since I started playing on the Goonstation SS13 servers, and I think it's finally time to write my mentor application. I'm writing this because I've gained a lot of knowledge about the game in these past years, and it's time to use that knowledge to assist people new to SS13 or the Goon servers.

   I still somewhat remember preparing for my first time playing SS13. I read up on the wiki page, the quickstart guide, rules, and everything. I joined the RP server, and began to set up my character. I decided to create a Russian character, and then chose a role that would be good for starting out. I don't recall why, but I chose Janitor. Now, as of writing this, I am the #3 spot on the janitor leaderboard, and I am an experienced player, even if my internet frequently interferes with my ability to robust.

   I've learned a lot about SS13 between my first round and today. I've learned since then all sorts of things from the different departments, from the Adventure Zones and Telescience, to the wonders of Chemistry, starting up the engine and repairing the station, medical treatment, surgery and genetic research, and a smorgasbord of other systems of the game. I've had a lot of fun with other people playing the game, too.

   However, that's not to say that I haven't had my share of bad times either. I used to be a really shitty person back then, and I would frequently get into trouble or stir up trouble on my own with little to no justification, and months of months of that led up to eventually receiving a ban almost a year ago. After that ban expired and I got my antagonist ban removed, I phased out of SS13 for a while. As of recently, I've been more active. I feel bad for all the shit I did when I was in that phase, especially since it probably drove off a lot of people from the RP server that's in a dry spell of players now.

   Now, to the point of why I'm applying for mentor. I've seen a lot of players come and go in my time on this game, and I've decided that I want to help the newer players in figuring what the hell is going on with the game so that we can have more people sticking around. After all, fresh faces and people playing the 45+ minute games is an important part of the community. Hell, being able to keep more people around might even attract more people to the RP server, which rarely gets people aside from the half-organized bursts of 10-15 people the place occasionally gets.

   In summary, in these three years of SS13, I've learned a lot, had some fun, had some not fun, and now it's time for me to help answer the questions of newer players so they can have same fun and learning experiences that I had. (and avoid being not fun.)

Previous Bans:
(DEL) Jun 04 2017 23:28pm | Submitter: ???? | Server lljk rp 1 | Player Key: schwickyschwag
  1. Note: Banned by ????, reason Repeated failures to improve his behavior over a long period of time. It s very much been a final straw. , duration: 7 Days
You know your stuff, your app is good, and I'm glad to hear that the name Roman Lawhon need no longer strike fear into the hearts of roleplayers everywhere. Yes.
He would be a better mentor then I am and I got approved so yeah go for it.
What I remember of Roman is mainly from RP1, where he wasn't all that pleasant, harassed a certain player, and made liberal use of out of character knowledge (often in unfun ways for other players). I'm sure that Schwicky knows a lot, but I'm not totally sure on them being a mentor. I haven't interacted with Roman much recently--has he changed much? Can other people who've recently played with Schwicky on 1 provide a more comprehensive (and perhaps less biased) perspective?
I've had a lot of experience with the Schwicky of olde, and I've had some experience with the Schwicky of recent games. I would say that he's shown a lot of change for the better. I now enjoy playing a round with Schwicky, as opposed to dreading it. He still plays a mean russian janitor, but now that janitor can have fun.

Additionally, I don't think poor behavior is indicative of how someone will do as a mentor. I always remember Schwicky being helpful, even if he was killing people while doing so. He's obviously knowledgable about the game, and is willing to share that knowledge, so it's a firm "Yes" from me.
100% recommended. Behavior has utterly changed, knows his shit better than I do. Would make a fantastic mentor.
Most of my experiences with you haven't been all that great, but I also haven't played in quite a while and I see a lot of trustworthy faces in here saying you've changed, so it's a yes from me!
Roman Lawhon is a familiar name, and from what I've seen you know your stuff. Can't really speak to any of the negative experiences others have had, but I think you're fine.
Definitely knows enough about the game, but from what I remember on RP1 you were a right pain for a lot of the players, to the point that I remember opting out of playing if you were online.

I haven't played with you around much since you came back, personally I'd like to see some evidence of this behavior changing prior to endorsing this.
You know a lot and your behavior has certainly changed in the few times I played with you recently.

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