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HoS Application: aft2001
If you're reading this, I'm an idiot in one of two ways: I accidentally submitted the application while I was working on it or simply forgot to delete this sentence.

Usual Character Name: Bryce Richter

BYOND username: Aft2001 ((Discord is Nexusuxen))

Recommended by: InternetDweller and several others

Times Available: Roughly 3-9 on weekdays, EST, and most day-light hours on weekends, EST.

Reason for Application:

The biggest reason that I'd like to play as HoS would be the beret the fact that an HoS seriously buffs a Security team. Whenever I see a Head of Security playing, I know that the Security team will have a much higher likelihood of being well coordinated, effective, and an enjoyable experience to be a part of. Plus, being able to distribute much-needed armory gear during a crisis can make or break the crew's safety. If Security is well off, able to stop antagonists while still making their rounds interesting (as they must perform their dark deeds under the ever present threat of arrest and/or swirlies) and fun for the crew, as murderboners can't really last that long. To summarize this main point: HoS = Better Security Team, and better Security = A more fun round.

Another strong reason is that I just wanna give it a shot. Hell, I might crack under the pressure and not play HoS again, or I might fall in love with the role and the arrabiata. I don't know, and I'd love to find out. I'm of course not going to be perfect, but it's worth a shot.

A more personal reason as to why I'd like to play is the fact that I simply enjoy Security, especially the tactical side of things. I'd like to explore the tactical element further, as it can be very rewarding to come up with a plan as to how you're gonna take down the bad-guys and have it come to fulfillment, or hilarious failure. It's also rewarding to investigate crimes and talk to the perps, asking what happened and just in general questioning them. Even if you can't find a solid answer you can usually give them a light punishment, such as allowing random searches on them. In general, there is much you can do as an officer to make a round interesting, be it breaching and charging into a room that you just flashbanged, to questioning people, to the thrill of the hunt for a changeling and organizing blood tests and reporting locations, and even to the simple occasional detainment and ticketing of Joe McAssistant for beating up a monkey.

I know this is getting to be a tangent, but all of this is a summary as to why I love playing Security (that and the cool uniforms). I'd love for Sec to be a bit more respected and able to influence rounds and make them more interesting, having a "force of good" rather than how a lot crew see them right now, as a group of people to mock or not really care about or even harass (doesn't happen much but it's there). With more HoS players, especially ones that encourage being tactical and smart, and not seriously punishing your average clown for battery, I think Security can be much more of an enjoyable experience both for those who play it and the crew as a whole.

Security Experience: 

To quickly summarize, I've had various experiences with Security on several servers, namely FTL13 and Goonstation, for maybe about roughly 50-100 rounds as Security-related positions, including a whole bunch in the past week or so on Goon. As such, I've learned quite a bit about what to do and what not to do, but I am certainly still learning. Now for the more detailed bits...

Let's start with what makes me bad at Security! Good to know your weaknesses and all

I'm not particularly robust - I've dropped my fair share of tasers and stun batons and gotten beat up. I goof up, yeah, let criminals escape by accident a number of times, and just kinda sat on the ground, wanting to space myself once they fully escape. Made a few oopsies, like accidentally causing an explosion or two and not being able to save a sarin-poisoned assistant in time. I would say my biggest flaw would be me occasionally becoming extremely confused for no apparent reason. I just kinda... lose whatever relevant memories I had or create new confusing relations that don't exist. I rely on other officers to help keep me going strong, but I do what I can to help back.

Now, what makes me a good officer... Dunno. I think my biggest defining feature would be the fact that I try to be lenient and chill with crew, and try to help out if I can. Someone's slipped? I try to get them back up, flip and salute in their direction, and run off. Someone's dying? See if I have a medkit on me. If not, I run off to the nearest medkit or something, and if there's none nearby, I give them CPR, stick them in the porta, and rush them off to Medbay. Really, I do try to help out best I can, even fixing breaches. It's not exactly an HoS quality, but it would feel wrong for me not to help others. 

Another defining trait of mine is trying to let low-security detainees (so, anyone that's not a C-Sword waving lunatic) choose their own punishment. Usually I just say "alright, here's the deal, you cooperate and don't put up a fuss, and you get just 3 minutes in genpop, sound good?" or "alright alright, here's your options: a 1 minute brig sentence, a written apology, or a 100 credit fine; if you cooperate that is. Sound fair?". I just try to be friendly yet stand my ground. I don't wanna make it a whole boring ordeal for the criminal, they're a player too. I think I've just gotten sick of all the times someone is screaming "SEC ABUSE REEEEEE" over the comms and they try to break out when there's 30 seconds left in their sentence, so I resorted to just being more relaxed and friendly.

All in all, I'm not particularly robust or possibly even effective, but I try to make the game fun for everyone involved. Heck, I might even get better at the whole robust-ness side of things. I dunno.

In my opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc):

I've spent the majority of my Security experience on Cogmap1, so I'll talk about that!

General Layout:

Layout-wise, it's alright. Could use some improvements, such as a room entirely for bucklecuffing prisoners to be processed so they can't run around the big room or accidentally be let out into the main halls, like in the Dispatch room (or front desk, if you'd rather). What I do like is how there's two layers of doors between the main hall and the main part of the brig. It makes it just a bit more secure, and allows for the portable flashers to be installed right there in the entrance. It's also nice to have the branching hallway that leads to the brig cells, dock, secure transport, and armory, all separate from the central room. The equipment room being behind glass, I'm not a huge fan of, though I would much prefer glass over walls (I would prefer plasmaglass the most), since I can see if someone's breaking into the equipment room, or has broken in. 

Brig Layout/Design:

The brig is, okay. It's not the best but it's not terrible. The fact that there's only ONE solitary cell seriously bugs me, but I can live with it. Genpop's ability to be divided is fantastic, too, and the fact that I can chuck people into the brig chutes is also fantastic. I also like the fact that visitation is a thing, allowing prisoners to talk to their chums who are free. Shame it doesn't get used much...
I also like how there are things to do in the brig. And, honestly, I love that there's ways to covertly break out if you're clever (Namely the bathroom and it's NonR-Wall). Adds a whole new dynamic to the brig besides it just being time-out. 

Miscellaneous Notes:

A few things I like in particular:
I love how there are perfect spots for the flashers. Namely, at equipment storage's entrance so it's hard to break in, and in the brig entrance, so people running in are almost always stunned.
Contraband lockers sure are handy-dandy, especially when there's 4 of them! I need to use them more.
I love floor flushers. They're so useful, especially when people actually use them to leave the brig instead of throwing their shoes against the god damn windows.

A few things I'd like to see changed:
Please, for the love of god, add blastdoors to the Brig windows. If someone's being a shitter and trying to break out, I would LOVE to just shut the damn blastdoors.
Maybe a bunch of mounted flashers throughout the entire brig that can be activated with the press of a button somewhere, if someone is running around like a madman in there. Security should be the stronghold of the Sec team, not just your average home base.

Previous Bans:

None that I can remember. I've been sternly talked to a handful of times, but that's about it.
Imo you do have room for improvement in how you handle situations sometimes and you can be a bit too gung-ho at times but these are things that will get ironed out with time and I think your actual passion for the security role says more about what kind of HoS you'd be. Not to mention this is a very good application. It's a yes from me.

besides who says all HoS have to act the same anyway...
Yes, even though you are too lenient sometimes in my opinion. From my experience you are good at communication and planning, which is arguably more important then being robust.
You seem pretty communitive and very good with team work, on your own you do seem to struggle, and that gets better the more your used to it, but as HoS you would have to expect this to happen semi-often since HoS has more access than standard sec and would be a priority target for being a head and for being heavily armed with access to good weaponry.
As for your robusting skills, I haven't quite seen you in action too much, but you seem to be a decent shot with a taser, which is something sometimes useful. You also seem to be good at getting people while they're distracted by another person or slightly dis-oriented, and you definitely keep from always running head first into the antags or crimes and instead attempt to use strategy.

This is a somewhat hard decision for me to fully declare. I would need to see you in action some more before making a defined decision. I'll give a defined answer later, but for now it's a MAYBE from me.
I've seen you around as Bryce back when I played more regularly, you can have a bit of a problem with in the moment fighting but you have the right attitude so I'm leaning towards a yes for now.
I think there's quite a bit of room for improvement and extra experience--I've only seen you back on Goon for the past two weeks or so. Personally, I wouldn't feel too comfortable or assured with you as the HoS. It's a no for me.
I would also vote for Aft2001, personally. I've secced with him and been arrested by him, and he is A+.

It's true that he doesn't have a shit-ton of experience, but he is funny, level headed and has what I consider THE PERFECT philosophy towards sec-ing. He can be TRUSTED. I think this is more important than experience. He seems to really like playing sec, any knowledge he's missing he'll pick up fast.

I get the counter-argument, but if it were my decision alone I'd go for it. One more person that can wear the beret in any given round, and definitely the TYPE of person you want to have it.
Your application has been denied due to ingame inactivity + probably more support needed. Better luck next time!

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