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HoS Application: InternetDweller (Alec Ryan)
Usual Character Name: Alec Ryan (occasionally Alex or Alan)
BYOND Username: InternetDweller
Recommended by (if applicable): Readster, Aft2001
Times Available: Typically 3:30PM - 11:00PM (CT)

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): Whenever I join security, and find out there’s an HoS, I get a little excited inside, knowing that there’s someone competent at the helm, that will lead the security team to glory! Well, maybe we won’t be led to glory, but at least we’ll be more organized, and prepared if a mad wizard were to attack the station. Without an HoS, I find that the security team is usually unorganized and ineffective, but when there is an HoS, communication is better, and antagonists are dealt with more effectively.

With the large target on your head (and ID), and all the responsibility of being the one sane administrative staff member on the station, the HoS can be quite a tough and stressful job. I, however, feel that I possess the ability to take the pressure, and help the security team effectively stop threats. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that I’d give a fine of 1000 credits just because I saw someone making floorpills, but I would have suspicious people be investigated, and hallways patrolled.

For me, the part that makes playing security so enticing, is the thrill of the hunt: knowing there’s a traitor or changeling on the loose, and it’s my job find them. As HoS, I’d try and give every security member that same thrill. Each person in the security department is important, and they should know that. I’d assign people jobs, and give them objectives. Things like “Apparently someone is getting beaten at the bar, go check that out.”, “Investigate this person, report anything suspicious” or “Bring this person to the interrogation chamber. We need to have a talk.”

I want to be a guiding hand for security; help new members out, give tips, and lead us to glory! But even if I can’t lead us to glory, I hope that I can bring excitement and good memories to all those involved.

Security Experience (300 word minimum): When I first started playing (7/16/17), I would just go as a randomly named staff assistant, then get hammered at the bar. Eventually I started branching out, and playing more jobs. Probably after two months, I played some detective, then quit. When I re-joined (1/2/18), I decided to play as Alec Ryan. I branched out a bunch, but detective always appealed to me. For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been playing detective a lot, and it’s helped with increasing my robusting, and security skill.

I would say that I can confidently stop an annoying staff assistant from breaking into security, and most of the time, stop a raving, murderboning traitor. Communication is important, because you can form a sense of comradery among security, improving the experience, and not to mention it’s helpfulness in coordinating assaults. I am experienced with the forensics system (it’s not that hard), and I’ve identified criminals by using it.

When is comes to persecuting criminals, I try to be light, but if it’s obvious they’re trying to just ruin things, I’ll get hard. If someone is trying to break into somewhere, I’ll first tell them to stop, and if they continue, I’ll tell them what’s going to happen if they don’t stop now. If they still don’t stop, I’ll throw them in the brig for a minute. Then, when in the brig, if they to break out, I’ll increase the sentence by a minute or two. For repeat offenders, I’ll take their ID, and decrease it a little (usually I have to make the HoP or captain do it, but with HoS, I can just do it).

I feel confident, in saying I am a moderately robust security member, with the knowledge of how to effectively catch, and deal with criminals. I believe that my good performance as a security officer/detective, can transfer over to the role of HoS, making security more effective, and more fun to play in/against.

In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc): I’ve had most of my SS13 experience on Cog1, so that’s what I’m going to cover. I would give it a 6.5/10

Pros: The private pod bay is very useful if the staff assistants already stole all the pods in the hanger. Security is close to the bridge, so if things get hairy in there, officers have quick access. The interrogation room is perfect, if you need to question someone, and you don’t want them running around. Security’s connection to the courthouse makes holding trails much easier.

Cons: My main problem, is that there’s no incentive to use genpop, because it’s easy to break out of, and Stirstir is an added bonus. There’s also only one solitary cell, so if there are more than one criminals, you’ll be forced to use the terrible genpop.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): None that I am aware of
I always like seeing this guy on my team when I play a round as HoS. He is reliable and fun. A thumbs up from me.
I've played security alongside Alec a few times recently, and I can say he's a very competent member of the team, keeping things level-headed, and actually investigating events instead of jumping to conclusions. A yes from me.
Definitely a good detective and keeps to clear thinking in the moment and seems to know the ropes of sec, though I can't say I've seen them play security officer much, they are definitely competent enough to go above and beyond in being security personnel.

Yes from me
From the times I played security along with him I can say he is competent.

I... I think I'm allowed to comment here?

I've played as sec with him a few times, and been caught by him a few times. I've never seen him do anything over-the-top ruleswise, and he's pretty robust as he says.

His sec style is different from mine but when we've disagreed on how to deal with things in the past HE HAS BEEN SUPER MATURE AND DISCUSSED IT AND FOUND A COMMON GROUND! This is huge! I would definitely be happy to sec under him.
Played a couple rounds with Alec while I was HoS and he struck me as a pretty reliable and competent officer.
Can't say I've had much personal experience with 'em, but a good application and some very strong recommendations in this thread.
I am at the least aware of Alec, which means he has definitely stopped me from getting to the Spaghetti Arrabiata.
That's more than most secoffs. Also beautifully written app. +1
I get a little happy when I see "Alec Ryan" on the Security Radio. Good Security officer and detective, coordinates very well. He definitely shows potential in an HoS, especially with access to the authority to coordinate the team (and of course, the armory).

He gets a +1 from me
Just played a round with him, stunning Sec Officer who follows up leads, and takes initiative in situations. Especially impressed by the way he handled an arrest without any bloodshed, ending with a peaceful brigging to CentComm.

+1 from me.
Alec is a fun, dependable, and trustworthy sec officer, detective, and player. Absolutely give them the beret.
You've been fun to work with in the few rounds I've played with you.
a yes from me
Alec has foiled me more than once, but I consistently enjoy the back and forth and consider him a reliable presence who knows what hes doing. +1 from me

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