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unban appeal - mybluecorners
Who banned you?: mybluecorners
Byond Key: Ss13isaids 
Date of Ban: unknown
Specified Reason for Ban:  1. Begging for revives in adminhelp. 2. Multikeying to try to get another player in trouble.
Ban Length: permanent
What led to the ban? ip match
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: didn't do anything, i was playing today all fine and i tried to join and boom. banned. i know the user im ip matching with. their ckey is Emanresu123. the whole reason i'm ip matching with this person is very simple to explain. me, my friend, and Emanresu have had a feud over something that happened on my friends server which led to my friend aquiring emanresu's password from a password dump. my friend then told me to login and i did, but i didnt do anything on the account, and i just logged off. now my ip matches with emanresu's ip and im banned. 
Evasion Attempts: none
(02-18-2018, 11:05 PM)Wonkmin Wrote: The ban is actually from November, not today. Something made it trigger today, presumably the match. So that's confusing.

Here's the actual note written by the admin.

Killed self as a traitor by standing over the loafing duct while being warned repeatedly not to. First begs for revive, and 20 mins after the fact says that someone had forced them into the loafer. PM was ignored by me ; player then logged in on a seperate account, dove into the loafer, and claimed that they were killed in adminhelp.

It should be noted that this user was today forced to change their name from Adolf Hitler by Bill. Just another piece to the puzzle.

i only did the last thing. nothing else. never been an antag on this server
(02-18-2018, 11:21 PM)Wonkmin Wrote: Well, I'm sure MBC will be along shortly to have a look at this.

Just make sure you're acquainted with this thread, as a lot isn't adding up.

I have read all of these posts on information.i am not lying.
Your story is convoluted. I'm fairly sure that you are emanresu123.
Even if I suppose you are being honest, you should not be stealing people's BYOND accounts through password dumps.

You may appeal again in one month's time. Next time, have your friend emanresu123 write the appeal if possible. If he is honest, we will consider your appeal then.

(To be clear : This means you may submit another appeal on March 19, 2018)

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