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Nerf or remove Booster Enzyme
This is essentially a thread targetted at a single valid hunt player who I won't name but many know.

I'm sick of seeing it every shift when you see this person. Booster enzyme replicates chems already in the body covering a specific list.

Of note is Synthetic Flesh, Styptic, Meth, Mannitol and Synaptazine. In a normal fight this makes you a healing monster all fight, because most folks won't know you are permanently on Meth with no downsides and are healing essentially all damage done to you.

Either make the recipe harder to make, remove meth from it, make it deplete faster or blacklist it from the Hypospray so it has to be injected via syringe in 5u doses.

This chem does what Juggernaut wishes it could, is easier to make, and does the job way way better. This is not a kneejerk post, i'm just literally sick of seeing it every round for like 500 rounds. I'm tired of having to buy a Calomel autoinjector to kill someone that I would 100% need a 200u stun baton to keep down and a C-Saber to kill.
I agree, this specific person was being mauled by 12 revs in a single closed room and still made it out at basically full health, and increased speed. Was like this for basically the entire shift with no repercussions. It was absolutely broken and hardly fun at all.

And the recipe is so easy to make aswell, anything to prevent this level of abuse I would agree with.
Anything but changing the recipe, I don't want yet another chem require 40-60 minutes to make for very little payoff.
Even the hardest chems take 20 minutes to make to be honest, except probably qgp but that's qgp.
make it artibeaker only like aerosol. the artibeaker-only list is basically jail for overpowered turbonerd chems.
To me this sounds like a specific person issue who may need to have an ahelp moment, to point out that doing this every game ruins everyone else's experience.
No rules against doing that type of stuff on classic
And here is where what happens on classic goes downstream to mess with stuff on rp par for the course I guess.
I don't know much about Chems. I'd have to support this as I've had encounters with two players against which I utilized extremely lethal means, and they shrugged it off.
In one instance I shot an individual with well over 200% charge from a Lawbringer (Execute), while 3 supporting officers beat and stunned him.
He spaced two, beating myself and another into crit with small melee items before leaping off into space. He must have had no blood in him.
Shortly thereafter I died and spectated him, he was in perfect health.

In my personal instances with the unnamed player being described in this post, he has made a habit out of not only utilizing these chemicals for valid-hunting but simply killing on a whim. In one round he injected himself with the chems and killed me as a (Disguised) HoS, after identifying me as a "Wizard."
(I late-joined what I thought was a Rev round, he triggered high contraband alerts on the armory and SEC, I attempted to stun him.)
On a separate round, as a staffie, I grabbed and spammed cuffs on him as a joke after finding him AFK in disposals, to which he responded by injecting himself with the chems, tranqing, beating and tossing me into a grinder. His only words to a bystander watching this was, "Ling."

As an HoS I can barely keep such individuals at bay.

While I'm not adverse to "power-gaming" as the term is tossed around without any care for discerning accuracy,
this is just too much for even an HoS to fight against, let alone crew who commit any minor offense against them.
I have had similarly bad experiences with said unnamed player back when I played regularly. It has been a such a long time that I forgot the incidents, but I was immediately able to recognize the name in a discord post that he was back, and connect the dots to this, which was confirmed after watching 5 minutes of a round on Goon1. Almost every interaction with said player has ended up leaving a very bad taste back then.
I will say that it is still quite possible to take down someone with booster enzyme but it would still make sense to make it a bit less how it is? Honestly, most of the time I've seen people use it they use it, die then go and complain about how it should've saved them. Essentially, its not an extremely big deal in my experience but it still would do well with a bit of a nerf or some changes.
Hi, please keep this thread limited to the scope of ideas or suggestions about improving booster enzyme. Issues with named or unnamed players would best be directed to administrative staff via the standard in-game or discord based channels.
I'd be ok if meth (and maybe mannitol as well) was removed from what the chem could duplicate. Alternatively, maybe consider lowering the OD threshold for meth or cause the chem to duplicate it to over meth's OD threshold (even if it's just 1 or 2 units above OD threshhold).

I've played this game for years and it's rather ridiculous that the chem (which is otherwise not very noteworthy) has to be a problem due to it being abused by people.
Honestly, just remove booster enzyme, it isn't the sort of stuff you would find in any other game, it is a neat idea but doesn't fit the chem system we have, just devalues making chems. Why make cool heal mixes when u can make this chem that does it all for you, it is just silly.
I think booster could decay into healing chems instead of duplicating them, it would still be a useful chem but wouldn't guarantee you a full recovery and full meth uptime. Alternatively booster could y'know boost the effects of some chems to maybe double X or Y stat or give you a status effect which does something to the chems in your body.

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