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Minor Mutadone does not remove (at least some) traits.
Mutadone does not seem to remove the effects of Dermal Glitter or Pigmentation Overload (I think that trait is called something else, but I'm referring to the one that makes your skin flash rainbow.) 

I obtained these traits last night during a round on Destiny, and having never seen the Overload trait before, I gave it to myself, then realized I hated it and went to remove it with mutadone.  I received the message saying it and Dermal Glitter (Another trait I gave myself, ) were removed, but the traits were still there. Just in case, I took another pill.  No new messages, no change to the appearance of the trait. 

I didn't test on any non-appearance altering traits, because I had already taken two mutadone pills, and didn't want to take another from the small stockpile medical has.

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Mutadone does not remove (at least some) traits. - by wade5454 - 12-01-2016, 05:07 AM

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