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Winter Jackets
(07-09-2024, 07:54 AM)kyle2143 Wrote: Some of the puffer jacket sprites just don't fit with what we want official department styled gear to look like. They don't really have a consistent look which I think is a bit of a detriment to making them a staple of every round. Some of them just look outright bad or comical, this is a funny game, but save for the clown, none of the default job uniforms are comedy based.

It's fine to have them for space-winter, but we don't really *need* them for any purpose. If we had like a Ice Moon/Winter station I could see them being used there since there would be no need for space suits on such a map.

Also we already have winter jackets with department colors.

I have to admit, I really appreciate this answer. I've sort of felt pretty frustrated by the simple answer of 'They're winter things so they should be seasonal and that's that', especially since we already have winter coats, and I feel like the puffers make for good 'comfy clothes' without needing to be really winter. 
I love being identifiable as part of my department but the jumpsuits definitely look plain and are getting really old for me. I would've loved seeing the extra variety around, and really enjoyed the added ability to customise my character. Just because something isn't needed shouldn't mean we don't have it - I think custom outfits and looks help define characters so much, and add immensely to RP, even if they're strictly not needed. 

It's really nice to hear further reasoning behind them staying seasonal, even if I feel they add a lot to character uniqueness, and it feels a lot less frustrating this way. I do disagree somewhat with the notion that they - with maybe one exception - look bad or comical, that's just my view. 

So in short.. just thanks, really - your answer made me feel a lot less frustrated about losing some of the looks I was really enjoying for most of the year.  Sleeping bee

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