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New Janitor chem: Space Polish
Fellow janitors.. how do you spend your free time during shifts? The early minutes where nothing is dirty, or the entire shift during a particularly uneventful day? Maybe get a drink, clean up maint... hope something happens and you're needed. Nope, security removed the Funny Table™ and everyone is... drinking responsibly?!

You need something to DO!

Introducing: SPACE POLISH! A chemical that's easy to make (on the same level as space cleaner) which allows you to polish shoes, make shiny things EVEN SHINIER, and most importantly polish floors. 

Polished floors do nothing during the round, beyond being the examine text saying "This is clean enough to eat off of!" No, what polished floors do is improve the cleanliness score and allow it to exceed 100%. Gaze in awe as your janitor somehow managed to make the station 200% clean! Only the first 100% effects station grade, everything else is for fun.

You can spray it out in bottle form, or use the Buff-r-Matic to polish as you go! You can also team up with science to do some shenanigans with foam and space polish! Tiles can be dirtied and require being polished again, but thankfully normal floor usage can't unpolish a floor.

Final note: I don't think that janitors should have access to Space Polish in their offices, or at least not enough to polish up the majority of a station. If you're bored, medbay or science may be bored too.

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