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Admin: pali

Server: Discord
Date + time: Time of posting, Sept 24 2023
Synopsis: I've been getting into making contributions for the codebase recently, and Pali has reached out to me on many occasions to offer help with programming and academics, as well as generally being nice in the discord and in-game. I've gotten many PRs (#15981, ) done faster with Pali's help, and Pali also has given me help/tips like this now and then. Also made me a capybara once to celebrate a player's birthday, and I think was also the one to respawn me as a rat so I could help (same player, but later) a player learn TTVs. Toxins was too used up by that late in the shift but the player did appreicate it, so I'm glad I got the opportunity.

Extra information: A huge thank you to the whole admin team, developers, and community for making this an awesome place to relax and hang out <3

And not to forget Literally Everyone Else on the discord who have been amazingly helpful with my questions and who have reviewed my PRs. You are all amazing!!!!

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