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RP, chaos and antag density
Kinda since some time i am looking at the antag/crew/security interaction on RP and found a few patterns that kinda leave a sour taste in my opinion:

  • The energency shuttle is almost never called early. The times it happens it very often comes down to admin shenanigans or rogue AI's/mass bombing
  • Security has the tendency to "deathball", meaning having 3-4 secoffs running to antag-related occurrence st once.
  • Departments, if they are not targeted by antags, very often does not get involved at all in antag-related activity.
  • Departments very often suceed in shovimg amtag activity towards security and are able to stop caring about what actually be a station-wide concern
  • Even worse, multiple secoff players voiced to be highly discouraged to use tools provided by the station to them
  • Rough rounds comes down less to antag activity, but more often to self-antagging or shuttle chaos
  • People die so rarely that borging is highly discouraged and the cloner is stocked up very regulary 

All these things can be attributed to a common cause:

Currently, antags don't provide enough difficulties to everyone on the station to sufficiently challenge the station.

Securities attention isn't split enough, departments can ignore antags, damage gets repaired extraordinary fast, medbay us stuffed at minute 15 with pent acid, omnizine and fluorodecalin.

We got very good players in engineering, catering, medbay and security. Science does not give out artifacts or deadly chems nilly-willy.

And the antags play differently in comparison to classic:
  • Silent killers (e.g  changelings) play out their kills much longer. It is rare to see a changeling go over 5 kills
  • On RP, antags tend to pull off less deadly gimmicks, like going fishing in the armory or making fighting tournaments
  • Some antags prepare for really long time. It isnt uncommon to see antags prepare 50 minutes. Thus means antag activity is concentrated in the end if the round (i am guilty of this regulary)
  • We got a good amount of "fun" antags, that means antags that are a nuissance and do cute fun that does add sand to the gears, but does not disrupt it.
  • Friendly antags are rather often occuring on RP
  • People are anxious about taking other people out of the game by killing them for... reasons, i guess?
What this means is antags on RP often take themselves out of the equation.

That is why, looking at these things, i think RP can need more antags. Make antag activity be the cause of rough rounds. Make the shuttle come early. Force security more often to deputize the station or call for help.

Thats my opinion about this. That's why i would adk for a discussion about this.

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