Complaint Grifflez, Goon1, 26/3/23, around 18:00 GM
Admin name: Grifflez
Server: Goon 1
Date/Time: 26/3/23 around 18:00 GMT
Synopsis: So here I was being a little bit of a goony goofer, slightly intoxicated and playing as the Head of Personnel, there was very little activity at my office so when I heard of some tomfoolery occurring in Security I decided to see what it was. When I arrive I see the aforementioned admin in sec equipment which had  been barricaded with tables in the doors and lead walls around it, I tried asking them what they were doing to no avail, but I think it was probably due the the intoxication(I believe they were trying to see how sec would react with lethal phasers or something,). I started throwing handcuffs left on the sec floor into the sec equipment room because there were a few other non-security personnel wondering around when unexpectedly without warning they unloaded 2 microphasers into me, knocking me down to around 10% health. Although annoying and they didn't seem to care about telling me why they did it, I didn't care that much and after doing some HoP stuff came back and resumed putting the handcuffs into sec equipment when once again without warning they pulled out some kind of admin gun and insta-killed me, my body did get taken by some civilians but I wasn't cloned and left dead for the rest of the round.

I do enjoy admemes and general hijinks, but I feel that just killing someone for cleaning up sec is just too far even if it was a troll/joke. If I was doing something wrong that I didn't pick up on, I would enjoy learning what it was so this doesn't happen in the future

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