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Science and Engineering, the broadest department
Before I start. Ironicly Medical Doctors have the same thing going on with this topic, since doctors tend to specialize in 1 trait then being a "Surgeon, Medicine and Nurse"

Science and Engineering... pretty much two broad departments where the term "Scientist" and "Engineer" pretty much means: "You can do everything of that department"
But in reality...
When you roll these rolls, mostly you focus only on one aspect of the job.
Some engineers prefer permanent Engine duty, others want to construct and fix. Some might just want to be fire fighters. Others just wanna mess with Mech Comp.
Wich ends up in determint of the station... but before Mechanics and Engineers were seperated..they only became one since everyone was fighting to be a mechanic, engineers sometimes had nothing to do since Mechanics could build already... and sometimes when an engineer built a room, the mechanic had to do the wiring.

So before you think this is a "Please seperate the departments again." It's not.

But when we go to Science... the scientists pretty much have:
"Robotics aka Secbuddies"

And from expirence as a scientist... most of the times we are all fighting over similiar departments.. ESPECIALLY ART-SCI AND TELE-SCI.

But here comes the next problem for scientists... if you are an "Arti-Sci" specialist Scientist but someone needs a specific chemical and you don't know how to make it.... then what? Well tough luck for them no? Their plan is stopped due to all scientists not being chemists... and that kinda sucks in my opinion. (though this never happens)

And this to me can be REALLY ANNOYING on broad departments. While for engineering... every engineer can do anything. It has happened a few times in my shifts that all engineers were doing mech-comp stuff but NON OF THEM, touched the engine causing power problems since Tele-Sci is draining batteries.

So now I wish to discuss, should we change these departments so it gets distrubited correctly in some way? I am not saying make science have: "Chemist, Toxin Specialist, Astrologist (Tele sci), Archeologist (Art sci)" and such.
I am just asking.. what shall we do so we don't have scientists fighting eachother and some engineers neglecting the engine to presue building a pipe rollercoaster?

I recommend some sort of "Sub-catagory" roll. So engineers and scientists can still access other areas, but it's clear who specializes in what like "Scientist (Art-Sci)"
But... would that also be bad?

Should we maybe put in some unwritten rules? Or maybe do we deal with this problem all differently?

Cause i'll be honest. A lot of science and mech comp makes me nervous to do and if I wanted to do something else that I can do better but it's oversatured.. you just get into eachothers way. And it just becomes awkward.

So yea, I put it here in general to gather more information and see what we can do, rather then putting a "mechanical" suggestion over it? What do we do when 5 engineers all wanna work on the engine? What do we do when every scientist is fighting over tele-sci?

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