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What Job has the hardest difficulty?
i am going to ignore most of the thread to say that imo ai is the single hardest job, for a handful of reasons

1. you can hear every radio channel, which can often be overwhelming
2. people refer to you as "ai", which is both extremely common in words and nigh-impossible to chat-highlight effectively*
3. your laws can be changed rapidly, arbitrarily, and confusingly
4. you have to juggle multiple bodies; not only the eyebot shells but also whatever shells get made
5. unlike other people that have a "travel time" to incidents, your ai eye moves instantly, so you do not have any free moments to think while you move between departments
6. when you inevitably get murdered the response is just going to be "oh the ai must be busy/gone" while your core is a smoking crater

there are hard jobs, but none are quite as hard.

(* \bai\b)

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