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N.T Files - "The Incident"

The Document was recorded in 02.21.20██ by the Centcom Official Fernando ████████. The Recording is called "The Vecero's Incident", the persons in the recording are: Fernando, Bob Vecero and the Advisor [REDACTED] (Referred as A1).

Is possible to hear a small click and a door closing
???: Helloo!! How may i help, sirs??
A chair moving is heard
Fernando: Morning, Bob Vecero. We woud like to talk about some news.
Bob: News?? Bob loves news! What kind of news?
A1: Bad ones, Vecero.
Bob: Hmm...?
Fernando: Exact, the [A1] is correct. So...N.T got knowledge about the situation in your Colony, so...
Bob: Please...say!
A1: So, you know your brother? Arthur Vecero?
Bob: Yes! My Big Brother! What with him?
Is possible to hear a paper be lightly slammed at the paper
Fernando: Your brother...ahem, your brother died in battle, the N.T will make a small funeral for him.
A1: Just the basic, if you wants any decoration on the place, is not with us.
Bob: Wha...? What...wh-what a p-pra-prank g-guys!
Fernando: We're not joking, Bob Vecero. Please read the paper.
After about 1 minute,  is possible to hear a sob
Bob: O-O-Oh....i-i...i-i...see...i...i-i...fai-failed...
A1: What you mean, Vecero? Is. Not. Your. Fault.
Bob: Ob-Obv-Obviously i-is-is! I-If was-wasn't me a-at o-o-other ba-battalion...h-he-he w-w-wouldn't b-be-be dead!
A1: That's why is not your fault, Vecero. Don't try to make excuses to don't go at work. The Funeral will be made in the next month.
Bob: Sure...sure...s-s-sir...
Fernando: Bob, please, you need to understand, is NOT your fault. If you keep acting like that, we'll need to take you on a visit to the psychologist.
Bob: N-NO! I-I'm n-not g-going any-anywhere!!
A1: Vecero, you should cooperate, otherwise you'll be ticketed for not complying.
Bob: N-N-No...N-NO N-N-NO!
A chair moving quickly and a lot of sobs are heard, after about 5 seconds, a door is shutted closed
Fernando: He fine, sir? Please tell me yes...
A1: I hope so, otherwise, we should make another meeting with him. You can stop recording now.
Another small click are heard, ending the recording.

After the recording, Bob still showed up for job. He was ticketed for not complying with a N.T Command Official

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